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Jesus? Never Heard Of Him

Often times Christians will ask people if they have heard the “Good News.” They will ask if you have ever heard of Jesus Christ. Once when I was in college, I thought I would try a little experiment and answer the question in a way most Christians wouldn’t expect. I said, “No, never heard of [...]

Economic Eugenics

Last week Sam Harris gave his tip on how to lose blog readers. What the hell, I’ll give it a shot. He said that the best way to lose blog reader is to advocate for higher taxes on the rich (which actually seems like a pretty reasonable and obvious idea). Today, I want to talk [...]


Yesterday I wrote an Examiner article about Rabbi Yehuda Levin’s claim that homosexuality caused the East Coast Earthquake. So today I was thinking about Jen McCreight’s boobs… I mean boobquake and thought maybe we need a gayquake to try to prove Rabbi Levin’s theory before we go and teach it alongside the scientific Theory of [...]

Science and Faith are Not Equivalent!

Religious believers love to try to lower science to the level of faith. They love to talk about how science requires faith and some will even say that it requires more faith than… actual faith. Faith is dogmatic by nature and so religious believers like to claim that science is equally as dogmatic. It isn’t! [...]

Preparation for the Silverman Debate

Yesterday I posted an article on Examiner about an upcoming debate between Dave Silverman of American Atheists and Ann Coulter’s ex-fiancée, Dinesh D’souza. While some atheists feel comfortable writing off D’Souza as a hack, the fact is that he is a very intelligent and skilled hack. So I thought I would help Dave prepare. D’souza [...]

“An Atheist Has to Prove X…”

The other day I was discussing religion with a Christian and he commented that in order for me to be an atheist, I have to prove that life can come from chemicals. This is an attempt to switch the burden of proof while invoking the God of the Gaps argument. For starters, atheists don’t have [...]

Christians Fear The Internet!

It was just a few weeks ago that a Christian commented to me that, “The internet has actually worsened god’s world because science is spread quicker than the truth.” And now Christian apologist Josh McDowell has pretty much come out and said the same thing… to an audience of Christians no less. I love these [...]

Religious Forgiveness vs. Secular Forgiveness

I was listening to a video yesterday in which a Christian preacher was talking about forgiveness. It always fascinates me when religious believers talk on this subject. This video was no exception. So I thought today I would compare religious forgiveness with my view of secular forgiveness. The context of the video was Reverend Creflo [...]

Harold Camping No Different than Other Christians

The theme I have been hitting lately that many Christians don’t seem to get is that their belief is ridiculous superstitions is no different than Harold Camping’s belief in ridiculous superstition. Christians can’t distance themselves fast enough from Camping with good reason. He makes them look bad. I know that Christianity is a pretty broad [...]

The Ridiculousness of Harold Camping

For me, Harold Camping is a gift that keeps on giving. I really don’t think Christians understand this. I read a few articles over the weekend in which Christians talked about how Harold Camping was an extremist and how his belief that the Rapture would occur on May 21st 2011 was ridiculous. I even got [...]

Dear Christians: You Are Not a Real Christian!

From now on, whenever a Christian tries to talk to you about their bullshit, we can tell them with some confidence that they are not a real Christian. All we have to do is remind them that May 21st 2011 was the Rapture and they are still here so that must mean that they were [...]

No Compromise!

On Primary Day, there was another conversation I had with a Catholic Republican that I forgot to talk about yesterday that I think is worth discussing. It’s in odd because I couldn’t figure out at first if his attitude could be attributed to his religious faith and to his political affiliation. After some thought I [...]

Bin Laden Believed in God

Religious believers always talk about how God grounds morality. The view is that religious people can be immoral and that non-religious people can be moral, but it is all based on God’s standard. That being the case, when a religious person does something immoral, they know it and they have to repent. But the problem [...]

Today is a National Day of Something

Religious fundamentalists tend to be a politically conservative which is actually pretty funny considering that political conservatives whine about big government all the time and religious fundamentalist love to use big government to push their religion every chance they get. For the last 60 years, they have used the power of big government to declare [...]

May The Fourth Be With You!

May is a holy month for us Jedi, every Star Wars film premiered during the month of May with the original film premiering on May 25th (the official Star Wars Day). However, May 4th is also a day of celebration. May 4th is a play on the Star Wars greeting of “May the Force be [...]

Another Challenge for an Atheist

My friend Greg is former Harold Camping follower and still one of the most fundamentalist Christian I know. He is the type of person who doesn’t really listen to what you are saying and just regurgitates the standard arguments as if they are brand new. Yesterday, he e-mailed me a “challenge.” The catch of the [...]

Judgment Day Is Here!

Today is April 21st, 2011. It is the day SkyNet goes online and everyone on earth is going to have a “very bad day.” The machines are going to start killing everyone and some kid named John Connor, is going to become the leader of the human resistance. Judgment Day is here! This is of [...]

Dangerous Talk’s Political Action Plan 2012

So yesterday I talked about how the Republicans are holding the country hostage and Obama is willing to do whatever they like. Obama is holding our votes hostage and most Democrats have told him that they are willing to do whatever he wants. Today I am going to suggest a way out. First, let me [...]

Kneel Before Your Loving Father!

Some of you may not know this, but I am a loving father. I have a two year-old son at home with me and like all loving parents I only want the best for my son. So over the weekend, I demanded that he kneel before me and worship me. I really want him to [...]

The Importance of April Fooling

This is just as observation, but it seems to me that the more religious someone is the less likely they are to have a sense of humor. Now there are exceptions to this of course. My cousin for example group up moderately religious like I did and he was always a funny guy. When he [...]

Immune from Evidence

Most Christians will attempt to argue their position using some semblance of reason, logic, and evidence. There are however a small but special few who will not even bother. These few, proud, believers will admit that all the evidence, logic, and reason in the world will not convince them of anything… god related of course. [...]

An Atheist in a Theist World

I once heard it said that being an atheist in a theist world is like being the only sober person at a party. I think this is pretty accurate sometimes. I also think that it seems like I’m one of the few sane people in a world gone mad. The way I see it, religion [...]

When Christians Attack

Over the weekend, I had a little problem with a particular Christian. A few weeks ago, a Christian e-mailed me asking for a collaborative project where we each ask each other 5 questions on our Examiner pages and then we each answer them. The way it was pitched to me, we would refrain from personal [...]

Could Christianity Be True?

The other day I had a profound thought. I was coming out of the shower and thought to myself, “maybe Christianity is true.” Then I started laughing out loud. My profound thought was that I am moving beyond atheism. It isn’t just that I lack the belief in a god, now I lack the ability [...]

Invested Belief

A Christian asked me if I believe in aliens. I told him that I think alien life is probable, but that I am not invested in my belief. In other words, I believe there is probably some form of life somewhere in the vastness of the universe. My evidence is only based on statistics, so [...]

Red Herrings, Language, and Authoritative Thinking

Part two of the interview I did with Bob Enyart is now online. I want to discuss a few of the techniques that I noticed Bob used in this episode. You can listen to the hour plus interview at the end of this post. Note that Bob cut off the books I was recommending at [...]

Harry Potter is Imaginary

I was debating with a Potter-Head yesterday and he kept insisting that the reason I don’t believe that Harry Potter is real is because I am a muggle. He told me that he is hoping that someone in the Ministry of Magic reveals the Truth to me about the wizarding world someday. I pointed out [...]

Religion Taking Credit for Science

Something that really annoys me about many religious people is that they are so eager to give credit to their God when humans do all the work. While this is obviously noticeable during football games and other sporting events, it happens in relation to science even more often. For example, science has proven that God [...]

The Reason Christians are Offended by Atheists

It seems that many religious people are offended every time an atheist makes his or her lack of belief known. This is why organized atheism offends them so much lately. Why are they so offended by our mere existence? In George Orwell’s book 1984, there is a very interesting and often overlooked conversation. In this [...]


Within the last year, many American Muslims have been using the term “Islamaphobia” to describe the fear people have of the Muslim religion. Being labeled an Islamaphobic is generally considered akin to racism. Last year Bill Donahue of the Catholic League coined the term “Catholic-phobia” and in a recent conversation I had with a Christian [...]

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