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Religion Taking Credit for Science

Something that really annoys me about many religious people is that they are so eager to give credit to their God when humans do all the work. While this is obviously noticeable during football games and other sporting events, it happens in relation to science even more often.

For example, science has proven that God doesn’t know squat about the shape of the Earth, the lack of luminescence of the moon, the source of light, pi, etc. Through science, people like Galileo and so many others have helped us to understand the world we live in far better than the Bible every did or could. But what do religious people do? Instead of admitting that God got these basic facts about the universe wrong, they give credit for these discoveries to God.

God magically implanted those ideas into these people’s minds while at the same time; his perfect book inspired his followers to kill and/or discredit these people. Even today, the Pope credits God with evolution and the big bang while millions of Christian followers hold to the Biblical view of Creation and the Genesis of the universe.

If God was the author of science as some Christians assert, then you think he would be able to remember the order in which he created stuff. The fact is that the Bible was not written by God (or even metaphysically inspired by God). It was written by men with a bronze-aged knowledge of the world.

When science discovers something about the world it is not God working through people. It is people working with the scientific method… a method that people created to help us better understand the world around us… a method that helps to eliminate bias and to obliterate ridiculous bronze-aged beliefs about the world.  God isn’t responsible for modern medicine and modern technology, people are. More specifically, people who understand and use the scientific method.

Stephen Hawking put it best when he said, “There is a fundamental difference between religion, which is based on authority and science, which is based on observation and reason. Science will win because it works.”

O-Minus 2 Days… okay, I lies, O-Minus 1 Day.

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