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The Doubt That Shall Not Be Spoken

I discuss religion with a lot of different believers and believe it or not, some of them should actually know better. In fact, I suspect that they kind’a do know better, but are afraid to express their doubts. While some are afraid that their doubt could lead to the eternal torture of their soul, others are afraid of more humanly consequences.

If you are a devout believer and have your doubts, you risk a lot if you express those doubts. In some cases the people have lost their families, their friends, and/or their jobs. Of course there is another risk too. Some people even lose themselves.

One problem with a deeply held religious belief is that the belief is deeply held. It has become an identity and the fear of losing that identity can oftentimes suppress any doubts. Religious believers don’t want to have any doubts about their beliefs and so when the doubts to start to creep in, they suppress them until those doubts are too numerous and too great to suppress any longer.

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