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    Skeptic Ink Network!

    Dangerous Talk is moving to SkepticInk.com! Don’t worry I am not retiring this site entirely. I will keep DangerousTalk.net up and australianviagra.com running because I have years of blog posts here that I love. But for the foreseeable future, I will not be posting new content here. The Daily blog will now be part of the Skeptic Ink Network… with some added content.

    Not only will I continue to post the Dangerous Talk daily blog, but my brother, Michael will also be posting content on the new Dangerous Talk page. Every once in a while he has posted a guest post here and he regularly blogs at Skepacabra. He is much more heavily involved in the general skeptic movement than I am. I tend to focus more on the whole “religion being evil” thing. So you can expect some quality content from him too.

    I will of course be continuing to post articles as the National Atheism Examiner on Examiner.com and on Huffington Post. The way I view it is this. Examiner tends to be more journalistic/opinions. Those articles are generally aimed at a mixed audience of both theists and atheists.

    Huffington Post article tend to be more positive pieces about the greater community of reason. Those articles are focused toward a religiously liberal audience and of course my fellow atheists. So if I do write an article critical of religion there, it will usually be critical of a more liberal view of religion.

    Dangerous Talk is my home. It is a place where I am comfortable and write my thoughts in a less formal manner (usually). I also focus my blog posts to an atheist audience almost exclusively. That isn’t to say that I don’t welcome theists, but it is to say that theists aren’t my target audience here.

    I hope everyone will follow me at the new Dangerous Talk on Skeptic Ink and while you are there, you should feel free to check out some of the other bloggers too. New bloggers are being added all the time. I am hopeful that Skeptic Ink will become a great place to explore new ideas and to think freely about the issues that matter to us all in a drama free environment.


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    • http://www.atheistrev.com/ vjack

      Congrats on your move! I’ll update my links.