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Atheism 101 Series

Atheism 101 Articles:

Atheism 101: What is the difference between atheism and agnosticism?

Atheism 101: Why do atheists care about religion?

Atheism 101: What does atheism have to offer?

Atheism 101: Atheists can be spiritual too

Atheism 101: Where does morality come from?

Atheism 101: Is there moral grounding without God?

Atheism 101: Is atheist morality grounded in evolution?

Atheism 101: Is religion a constraint on human behavior?

Atheism 101: Free-will is an illusion

Atheism 101: What happens when we die?

Atheism 101: Can prayer heal the sick?

Atheism 101: The Purpose of Life

Atheism 101: The Nature of Good and Evil

Atheism 101: The Problem of Evil

Atheism 101: Is Hell a Threat?

Atheism 101: Is America a Christian Nation?

Atheism 101: How atheist parenting differ from religious parenting

Atheism 101: Is the Bible the inspired word of God?

Atheism 101: The anti-intellectualism of religion

Atheism 101: Why has Christianity demonized nudity, sex and sexuality?

Atheism 101: How to respond to the lord, liar, lunatic argument?

Atheism 101: Does it take more faith to be an atheist?

Atheism 101: Can science and religion coexist?

Atheism 101: Are atheists angry with God?

Atheism 101: Is atheism a religion?

Atheism 101: What came before the Universe?

Atheism 101: How to respond to the ex-atheist

Atheism 101: Refuting Pascal’s Wager

Atheism 101: Refuting the Ontological Argument

Atheism 101: The “No True Scotsman” Fallacy

Atheism 101: Refuting Presupposition Theology

Atheism 101: Refuting Dispensational Theology

Atheism 101: Addressing the vague higher power concept

Atheism 101: The Jesus Myth

Atheism 101: Why do atheists only focus on Christianity?

Atheism 101: The Last Throes of Religion

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  • Vvqueen

    very enjoyable

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1557453024 Scott Long

    love this! Thank you

  • Anonymous

    I am going to be a thorn in your side, and I am not even a religious person. Atheism is a shallow philosophy. Although It is understandable when you lack depth of thought. No biggy. ;o)

    • http://twitter.com/DangerousTalk Staks Rosch

      Atheism isn’t a philosophy moron! Humanism is a philosophy. Atheism is a lack of belief. Please read the first article in the series. Thanks.

    • Anonymous

      If you have something to say about an individual article, please comment on that individual article. This is not the place for such a discussion. Thanks you.

      • Jshoaf

        In other words, if you disagree with the most basic premise of the thread, we will castigate you.

    • Barry Johnstone.

      Your opinion is that atheists have a shallow philosophy because they ‘lack depth of thought’ Only someone who is seriously fucked in the head could think as stupidly as that!

      • Christopher Long

        How else do you explain the universe, life, and the perfect conditions for it all? You fucking atheist are simple, you hear a smart guys says something, and polishes it off with “no God.” You guys get excited!(retarded guy clapping)!

        Science has raised so many questions about EVERYTHING. I can make the arguement that science is neutral to the God debate, so THAT leaves the interpretation up to ANYBODY, not just to a fucking atheist. Science isn the interpretation of DATA, the observation of nature. I interpret the universe as having been created by a mind. You guys are so fucking dogmatic the only way to keep your attention is to say “no god” after every sentence. You lack imagination, you don’t even consider the possibility. I wouldn’t say that I know who God is, Im just saying it’s more likely to be than not.

    • Dkezima

      Why don’t you tell us about your philosphy? We’re eager to read it. You will be able to judge yourself as your thoughts become words.

      • http://twitter.com/christlong1980 Chris Long

        I would love to but you guys don’t know how to actually reason. You know, break concepts down, interpret data, and/or properly make sense of things. I feel like I am talking to children. It looks like staks deleted my last comment, so no. Fuck this thread.

    • Anonymous

      Do you have anything of substance to say or is it just unsubstantiated assertion with you?

      • Christopher Long

        Atheist and their scientific pretentiousness speak for themselves. The atheist make just AS MUCH unsubstantiated assertions in their interpretations of reality, as someone who has faith that it was created by a god. From the perspective of bioinformatics, mathematics, and physics one can say with certainty that space/time, energy/matter, and life can be reduced down to pure information. Information is a product of MIND. From this information a super complex universe was formed, and the even more complex, LIFE. This is my fundamental philosophy concerning reality. What that “mind” is? I don’t know, perhaps a god of some sort? The atheist will say, “since we don’t know then why believe or think that?” Well, why not? As a scientist I know how to study reality while at the same time develop my own philosophy about the big picture. Recently, Stephen Hawking hosted a show on the science channel title “Did God Create The Universe.” at the end of the show, he states that (paraphrasing)It doesn’t make sense to believe in a God because before the universe came into existance there was no space and time so it doesn’t make sense to believe that anything came before. Well, I remember being told as a child that God is outside of space and time. So, it isn’t like it’s a hard statement for believers to overcome. Well, after the show there was a special discussion on the topic and the host ask Michio Kaku what he thought about that statement. You can youtube his response [Curiosity: Special: The Creation Question: A Curiosity Conversation (1/2)] So no matter how you athiest try to use science to “prove the nonexistence of God. It will always fall on it’s face.. Now, do you want to discuss, or do you just want to make troll statements??? Let’s here your substance? Or are you going to make simplistic atheistic assertions.

        • Anonymous

          Again with unsubstantiated assertion. Apparently that IS all you do. What’s worse is that it is utterly nonsensical assertion based, at least in part, upon comprehension fail.

          “From the perspective of bioinformatics, mathematics, and physics one can say with certainty that space/time, energy/matter, and life can be reduced down to pure information. Information is a product of MIND.” This is entirely false. Our senses help us to perceive the world around us, and perception occurs in the mind, but that doesn’t justify the schizophrenic leap to the assertion that those are simply a product of the mind and exist only as information. Matter, for instance, is tangible. It can be measured in mass, volume, and shape! It’s characteristics can be observed and tested. This can be done by people who have not influenced each other’s perceptions in advance with measurably identical results. THAT is the definition substantiated data.

          Part of your comprehension fail is also on display in the quoted passage. Your argument assumes that all atheists hold beliefs based upon the scientific method and what humanity has been able to glean from its application. Embracing the body of knowledge chronicled by science is not a requisite characteristic of atheist individuals. I do, but atheism is simply the absence of belief in your imaginary friend. It is not necessarily an affirmative belief in anything else. It is also not necessarily an affirmative belief in the non-existence of your imaginary friend either. To be an atheist is not to believe that god doesn’t exist. It is simply the absence of a belief that god does exist.

          Even if we were to ignore your fundamental logical fallacy wherein you equate trying to find real answers with trying to disprove your fairytale, you still have the major problem of rational justification. The atheist has no need to prove the non-existence of a god as atheists are not the ones making a positive assertion. Believers are the one making the positive assertion. They assert god exists. The atheist simply says: “I don’t believe that.” The burden of proof lies with the party making the assertion. Otherwise we have to go around believing any positive assertion that anyone ever makes, no matter how outlandish, until such time as the assertion can be disproven. Show proof to substantiate your assertion or nobody else has any rational cause to accept it as truth.

          We cannot prove conclusively that leprechauns don’t exist because we cannot simultaneously reveal and observe all existence to insure that there isn’t just one hiding behind a boulder somewhere on a planet in another galaxy. Still, in the absence of any evidence to support assertions that leprechauns exist, reasonable people do not embrace such assertions as true. We certainly don’t go around living our lives based on assumptions about what leprechauns expect of us. That would be silly. We certainly don’t go stomping around demanding that others either PROVE that leprechauns don’t exist or stop objecting to their interjection into our culture, its fate, and its governance.

          Sure, we can talk…. after you’ve done a lot more reading.

    • Byron “Barn” Canfield

      You’ve only demonstrated that you don’t know what atheism is; it is not a philosophy at all. It is simply a lack of belief in gods. That is NOT a philosophy; it is NOT a world view (or a “view” of any sort; it is NOT a positive claim requiring any sort of evidence. Frankly, you don’t know WTF you’re talking about.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4K2CWLVH5RVBXZ2LSSMDKUXKB4 Dave G

      Calling atheism a philosophy is like calling abstinence a sex position.

  • Mfkoepke

    Check out the video:” Can you be good without god?” (Dr Robert Buckman) . He was a great Humanist/Atheist. He died last month, aged 63…far too young

  • http://statusviatoris.wordpress.com/ Status Viatoris

    These articles are excellent! Rest assured that they will be your words I spout the very next time I am engaged in verbal tussle with a believer. I always seem to lack the mental alacrity necessary to argue my case with enough conviction and confidence to do the job justice!

  • Anonymous

    What does atheism have to offer? For me it is motivation to live this life as if it is the only existence I will ever have rather than as a trial run, a rehearsal, or a prelude to another life. It frees me to take joy in THIS life rather than another. I once saw it described as “joyous hopelessness”. To hope is to postpone appreciation. It is to yearn for some future better thing. Stop hoping for an afterlife and embrace and celebrate this life instead. Each of us has a finite number of moments in this life. Each moment passed is irretrievably gone. We should be careful how many of our moments we allow to pass in anger, hate, despair, futility, self-delusion, etc. We certainly shouldn’t devalue this life and its potential out of an unsubstantiated certainty that we’ll get another.

    • Guest of Life

      What you said is what the Bible teaches. The Bible has teachings about how to live this life, and how to embrace life, and how to deal with death. Showing an appreciation for blessings recieved in this life is the having of a positive attitude. All the many wars in the Bible are about how far people go when someone was dissatisfied, or persecuted, or living in ways that harm others. It shows how people dealt with evil thousands of years ago, and lessons can be learned. There is a reward for living a good life, or at least trying to be the best person one can be. The Bible teaches hope and charity and being a better neighbor. Most people get lost in translations during language changes and miss the story. Let the hearinng ear hear; and otherwise people will go their own way. The Bible is also about making choices and living with the results. Often people who are disatisfied, are so because of wrong choices, but find it easier to find fault with something else or someone else, than to open the Bible and find the lesson that helps them have a better life in the future. It’s thier life to live.

      • Installerbill

        After a bit of time and further thought; I might add a bit of Bible scripture which refers to whether God is aware of the atheist’s view. I offer that scripture in the consideration of maybe giving those who doubts God’s understanding and his presence in their lives during their times of doubt … the first part of the sentence in Chronicles 1, Chapter 17:8 … “And I have been with you wherever you have gone”. If someone has turned from God and looks away from Him; it seems to me He understands even then. It would be like God says to travel the road that leads you back to being able to believe with your heart; and until then I would guess that in street language, “And I have been with you wherever you have gone,” is the same as saying that “God’s got your back” anyway. God is there for you to believe, when you look in the right direction.

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  • mony
  • Guest #0

    – Hi, I’m Guest #0.
    Atheism is a really simple concept. Most religionists can’t or won’t try to understand. They try to put atheists into a little box.
    “Not once in the history of the world has anyone come forth with any evidence to support the claim that a god or gods exist.”
    Therefore, there is no rational reason to accept that a god or gods exist. Atheism is that simple.