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The Crusade Against Sex

Last night, I attended the Freethought Society’s monthly meeting. Our special guest was Jill McDevitt, who is a Sexologist and the owner of a “sex shop.” In other words, her store, Feminique Boutique sells lingerie, vibrators, and has sex positive lectures.

I was working in West Chester, PA (where her store is located) when her store first opened and it created quite the controversy. This was what her lecture was about. She talked about the taboo against sex at every level of trying to open and run her store.

The way I see it, the taboo against sex is mainly a religious one. It is perhaps one of the greatest evils that the Abrahamic religions have left on our society. It has become so pervasive that even atheists sometimes hold on to these taboos.

In my examiner Atheism 101 series, I have an article which talks about why Christianity demonizes nudity, sex and sexuality. The thing is that we have to start to speak out more on this topic as a community of reason. Sexuality should not be repressed. Just as the greater atheist community often speaks out on gay rights issues, we also have to speak out more on the repression of sexuality in general.

There is no reason why nudity should be censored. People should not be ashamed of the human body and when we see this type of thing, we should question it. We should fight back against the systematic crusade against sexuality.

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  • Sarge

    It’s about power. If you can take certain things: food, living arrangements, sex, and regulate how, with whom, when, and where these things may be indulged in, and punish infractions of these rules, you have got a bunch of captives.

    But abberations from these imposed “norms” are quite relaxed when it comes to the religious higher-ups themselves. They are excused all restrictions.

    How often, when they get caaught, are the first things their supporters say, “People just don’t understand…”!

  • david

    The church learned a long time ago that if you can control a persons sexual proclivities you can control them.

  • Barry Johnstone.

    I’m continually amazed at the Abrahamic religions making sex ‘the biggy’ for their guilt trips – their MAIN WMD! The Abrahamic religions have honed their skills over several thousand years at making sex and sexuality much, much bigger than its actual size! This enables the religionists to thunder unctuously, loudly and often about how guilty we all are! I can’t buy that crap!