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Skeptic Ink Network!

Dangerous Talk is moving to SkepticInk.com! Don’t worry I am not retiring this site entirely. I will keep DangerousTalk.net up running because I have years of blog posts here that I love. But for the foreseeable future, I will not be posting new content here. The Daily blog will now be part of the Skeptic Ink […]

Atheist Meme Tracts

I love the interwebs. Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Reddit are great for spreading reason to those who are already atheists. Yeah, that’s right; when you post a cool Hitchens quote on you social media the people who see it and ‘like,’ ‘plus,’ and ‘retweet’ it are probably all (or mostly) atheists. Christians hand out […]

A Secular Presidential Forum?

Not long ago, I published an article on Examiner about how atheist support for the President has dropped significantly. In the article, I point out what a strong voting bloc atheists are and how our vote really can sway the election. This got me thinking about Rick Warren’s Faith and Values Forum in 2008. He […]

A Drive In the Country

I took a few days off of blog writing. Most of that had to do with the funk I have been in lately. But yesterday it was because I was still in the country and my internet was spotty as was evident by the A-News Podcast I skyped into on Sunday night. One of the […]

Arguing With The Religious So You Don’t Have To

I was at a presentation earlier this week and the speaker mentioned that he doesn’t like to argue with religious believers. Interestingly enough, during the question and answer part of his presentation two religious believers attempted to argue with him and one atheist questioned why we should even bother arguing with religious believers at all. […]

Atheists Are Intellectual Snobs

It’s true, as an atheist I happen to think reason is better than faith, knowledge is better than ignorance, and evidence is better than assertions. I, like most atheists, am in intellectual snob… and proud of it. And why shouldn’t I be? Why would anyone take pride in not being intellectual? I look down on […]

Pride and Ignorance

When talking to fundamentalist believers, the two traits I run into the most are pride and ignorance. Interestingly enough, I find that these believers take pride in not being prideful and that they are generally ignorant of their ignorance. Still, I think that if we can get these believers to stop being prideful and ignorant, […]

Communicating Ideas

Atheists have a problem that we need to address. We need to communicate our ideas better. Religious believers don’t tend to have that problem. You ask them a question and the answer is either a Bible verse or God did it. If you ask why God did something that answer is that God works in […]

SCA’s 50 State Solution

This week, the Secular Coalition for America is starting their 50 state push to create local branches. Today, Pennsylvania is up and I will try to get in on that call. This is a pretty ambitious plan on the part of the SCA and there are a lot of atheists who don’t think it will […]

Is Atheism Becoming Like The Religious?

Friday was “Hug An Atheist Day.” It was the 4th year for this event. But this year there is a problem. Apparently the reaction to the event this year has been more mixed and instead of atheists having fun and reaching out to religious believers who far too often demonize us, there are atheists who […]

Why I Don’t Do Atheist Conventions

I don’t go to atheist conventions or conferences and I have three reasons for that. Two are practical and one is much less so. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad these conferences exist and I don’t want to discourage anyone from going to them. But I won’t be attending. One reason why I don’t […]

Guilty Pleasure

For me, have to admit that it is a guilty pleasure to argue with fundamentalist religious believers in situations when I probably shouldn’t. I try to be good and not to start the discussion, but I admit that sometimes I will passive/aggressively get them to start the discussion. Sometimes however, I try to be good […]

Herding Cats Indeed

The Secular Coalition for America hired a new Executive Director who is a Republican. That means that she voted for Republicans and she worked for Republicans. Yet for some reason people are shocked that she gave money to Rick Perry and worked for Trent Lott. Atheism is not a religion and yet even the religious […]

The Avengers and Atheism

If you are a geek like me, then you went to see Marvel’s The Avengers this weekend. It was a fucking awesome film. But what does it tell us about religion and what interesting things should atheists take away from the film? On the surface, there are two references to gods. The first was when […]

Labels and Substance

Yesterday Hemant Mehta of the Friendly Atheist took issue with comments made by physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson in relation to atheism. In a video by BigThink, Tyson attempts to distance himself from atheism. Here’s the video: While I wouldn’t call myself a “militant atheist” because I don’t own any guns or advocate violence (the way […]

If Atheists Talked Like Christians

Hemant Mehta over at the Friendly Atheist is running a contest on twitter and facebook asking people to make atheist versions of Christian phrases. I actually think this is pretty brilliant and even though atheists have done this type of thing on their own in the past, I think it is good to do it […]

Where Do We Find Meaning?

Yesterday on the Friendly Atheist blog, Hemant posted a a clip from an upcoming Christian film called, “Blue Like Jazz.” The clip posted shows a debate between a Christian and an atheist with an audience member asking a question, “Where do we find meaning?” Here is the clip: Now I have a lot of issues […]

Security Guard at the Reagan Trade Center

When I first got to the Reason Rally, my brother and I were very early. We got there at about 7:30am. So we decided to look for breakfast. I remembered that there was a food court in the Ronald Reagan Trade Center, so we went in there. When we got there, a security guard had […]

Under Reporting Our Numbers

I know where I got my numbers from the Reason Rally, but I have no idea where everyone else is getting their numbers from. Some sources are reporting as little as 5000 people. My source said over 30k. Most sources are reporting 20k or 25k. Why is the media trying to under report our numbers? […]

Reason Rally Was Awesome!

The Reason Rally was awesome! But you already knew that. For me, the highlight was meeting so many awesome people. There were a lot of small conversations and situations that happened that I will be talking about in the coming week or so. But today I want to talk about my general experience. My brother […]

Find Me At The Reason Rally

I’m going to the Reason Rally and if you are reading this blog, you should be too. My plan is to drive down with my brother on Saturday and stay pretty late to party with fellow atheists. Celebrate with us. I plan on wearing my signature Dangerous Talk shirt and if I can remember, a […]

The Benefit of the Doubt

I don’t believe in original sin. As a result, I don’t treat people as if they are evil sinners right from the start. Instead, I am a Humanist and so I treat people as if they are trying to be the hero in their own story. I generally give people the benefit of the doubt […]

Atheists Love Drama!

We almost made it, but nope. Less than a week before the Reason Rally, drama has now ensued. It seems that atheists are better at sabotaging ourselves than even the Democrats… and that is really hard to do. So instead of dealing with our common problem (i.e. the theocrats) some people in our community have […]

Atheist Purity

As we all know, the Reason Rally is next weekend and it seems that some people are upset because the purity of the atheist race will be tainted with some video speeches by people who are unreasonable about something in their lives. We all know that every speech must not only be 100% pure, but […]

Reason Rally Draft Campaign

I’m excited about the Reason Rally on March 24th at 10am. I’m so excited that I posted my second HuffPost article on it and really pushed to get it through. I am excited to see all the guests… and not just the speakers either. However, I want more. There are several famous atheists who should […]

Taking the Message to Where It Matters

The audience of Dangerous Talk is almost always my fellow atheists with the occasional Christian or other fundamentalist believer. My Examiner articles get a more diverse mix of people. Religious believers often read and comment on my articles there. But I want to reach out to more religious believers than I get through Examiner. For […]

Believing in Nothing

I was watching American Atheists president, Dave Silverman on Fox News yesterday and toward the end of the segment, his opponent made the remark that atheists believe in nothing. In fact, yesterday after I posted a comment on an article at Huffington Post, a Christian made the same remark. But yesterday wasn’t the first time […]

All Christians are Dogmatic!

It seems to be making the news lately that Richard Dawkins, the “world’s most famous atheist,” is agnostic. Well shit, so are most atheists. But the religion can’t understand this. To them, you can only be one or the other. Either you are 100% certain there is no God or you are agnostic. We can […]

I Could Never Be a Christian

I have often said that I don’t believe in a deity believe the idea is ridiculous and no sufficient evidence has been put forward to support such a ridiculous belief. I have told many Christians that if they wanted to convert me, all they had to do was to present some valid evidence for such […]

Parsing Atheism

When we talk about atheism, we are talking about a lack of belief in a god or gods. But not all atheists are the same. Duh, right. Not all Christians are the same, so why would anyone expect all atheists to be the same. All the term “atheism” tells you about someone is that they […]

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