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All Christians are Dogmatic!

It seems to be making the news lately that Richard Dawkins, the “world’s most famous atheist,” is agnostic. Well shit, so are most atheists. But the religion can’t understand this. To them, you can only be one or the other. Either you are 100% certain there is no God or you are agnostic. We can play this game too.

Are Christians claiming to know with 100% certainty that their particular god exists? If so, they are dogmatic because no one can possibly know this with such certainty. If they are not and for the record, many will admit to doubts even if it is the same amount of doubt Dawkins has toward his lack of belief, then they aren’t really Christians at all according to their own definitions. They should call themselves agnostics. Therefore, if someone calls themselves a Christian, they must dogmatically believe with 100% certainty that their particular god exists.

Now, of course I am just having a little fun here. I don’t seriously believe that all Christians are dogmatic, but I am trying to make the point that Christians often try to pigeon-hole atheists in this exact same way and that it is just as fallacious when they do it to us as it is when I do it to them.

I commented on this initially in an Examiner article and have been discussing it on various comment boards on the web… including on the Religion News Service, which initially reported the “story” and on their Monday Roundup which reported on their reporting of the “story.”

Also, the very first article in my Atheism 101 series is on the terms “atheism” and “agnosticism.” Feel free to check it out. Thanks 😉

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