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I Could Never Be a Christian

I have often said that I don’t believe in a deity believe the idea is ridiculous and no sufficient evidence has been put forward to support such a ridiculous belief. I have told many Christians that if they wanted to convert me, all they had to do was to present some valid evidence for such a belief. That however, isn’t entirely accurate. Even if I were shown solid evidence for the existence of the Christian God, I still wouldn’t be a Christian.

If I were shown indisputable proof that there is in fact a god and that god is the Christian God (which if God were God, he would already have shown me), I would obviously be forced to believe God existed, but that is where my conversion would end.

I could not worship such a cruel deity. Despite and because of the threat of eternal torture for all those who refuse to worship this deity, I could not in good conscience worship this deity. I would believe, but not follow. This would be a true use of free will from the Christian point of view.

While I reject the idea of free will, Christians often assert that God gives us a choice to believe or not believe. But in the absence of evidence, it is not a real choice at all. A real free will choice would be if God revealed himself to everyone and we had the choice to follow or not to follow without the threat of eternal torture. But I digress.

My point here is that it takes more to be a Christian than just believing in their deity of choice. One must follow and worship that deity. That is something I cannot do.

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  • http://www.atheistrev.com vjack

    I just love how many Christians seem to think they can convert any atheist by asking us a few ridiculous questions, which they always seem to assume we’ve never heard before. How solid can their silly faith be if that was all it took for them to believe?

  • Tiger

    I agree with you. I could never believe in the madness of religion or god under any circumstances. Even if it were true, there’s no way I could support the death and destruction it has caused all throughout human history. It is merely a tool for control, for whomever allows themselves to be controlled. I am not one of those people, and never will be.

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