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A Drive In the Country

I took a few days off of blog writing. Most of that had to do with the funk I have been in lately. But yesterday it was because I was still in the country and my internet was spotty as was evident by the A-News Podcast I skyped into on Sunday night.

One of the things I do enjoy about the country is that there tend to be a lot of religious believers and I love driving around with my atheist bumper stickered car. I particularly love when there is an Amish horse and buggy behind me.

I know that I shouldn’t get any pleasure from this. For one thing it is basically taking pleasure from offending others or at the very least, “pushing” my beliefs on others. But I’m not really pushing my beliefs on others… at least not in the same way or to the same degree that the religious do. I’m just expressing myself. But I do get pleasure in doing that when I know that those seeing my message are unaccustomed to seeing that message.

I really loved parking in the lot of the Amish grocery store. It was like sticking it to “The Man.” Of course I did buy groceries from the Amish, so I guess they stuck it to me. But I felt good about parking there, so there!

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