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A Secular Presidential Forum?

Not long ago, I published an article on Examiner about how atheist support for the President has dropped significantly. In the article, I point out what a strong voting bloc atheists are and how our vote really can sway the election. This got me thinking about Rick Warren’s Faith and Values Forum in 2008. He […]

‘Cutting Off Your Nose to Spite Your Face’

Whenever I complain about how crappy a President Obama is and how I probably won’t vote for him unless he starts acting real progressive real fast, I get people telling me that not voting for Obama is a vote for the Republican. Then they tell me that I am “cutting off my nose to spite […]

The Problem With Liberals

Fox News is good at one thing and it is distorting the truth and flat out lying. As a Lib and a moral person, I like to bitch and complain about this; however the sad fact is that it works. Poll after poll has shown that Fox News viewers are generally misinformed about the events […]

Republicans Applaud Torture

It isn’t quite the Clinton question of what is the meaning of the word “is,” but what is torture is pretty straight forward. Herman Cain said it best when he said, “I do not agree with torture… period. However, I will trust in the judgment of our military leaders to determine what is torture and […]

Holding Their Nose for Romney

Yesterday was Election Day and as Minority Election Inspector, I am at my polling place all day long. Since I live in a largely Republican area, it is an opportunity to talk to Republicans about politics. It came to no surprise to me that I couldn’t find anyone who liked Mitt Romney for President. What […]

Politics Is Entertainment

A number of years ago, I attempted to run for the US Congress against a Republican who had been there for a long time (and is still there today). My plan was to take advantage of the situation in which no one wanted to run against this Congressman and use it to test out some […]

Is it Santorum’s Turn?

I love this election season’s Republican candidates. They are so entertaining. Everyone knows that Mitt Romney is going to be their candidate and even they don’t like him. So week after week, one of the other clowns takes their turn beating him in the polls. This week just might be Santorum’s week. First, it really […]

Double The Debating Fun

Yesterday was another Republican Primary Debate and tonight I will be attending the Silverman/D’souza Debate. These are however very different debates with very different objectives. Both are entertaining for their own reasons. The political debate is focused on persuading people to support other people while the religion debate is focused on persuading people to change […]

Political Hostage Taking 101

I have had this conversation before and it really does seem that my fellow progressives are just not getting it. Now that Chris Christie has made it clear that he is NOT running for President in 2012 and Rick Perry has fallen out of favor with both the Republican establishment and the Religious Right, it […]

Politician’s Use of Religious Language

In a debate between Sam Harris and Rabbi David Wolpe, Harris talked about how when people talk about their belief that Elvis is still alive in job interviews, etc. there is an immediate price to be paid. When politicians invoke religious terminology there should be a price they too should have to pay. Let’s be […]

Our System is Broken

I always knew Obama was an appeaser and didn’t really buy into his hype (although I voted for him and supported him in the general election). But now he has done the opposite of hope for me. He has disheartened me and discouraged me in relation to politics today. I don’t really see the point […]

Getting God-Talk Out of Politics

According to the Bible, one cannot serve two masters. So my question to politicians is, “Are you a public servant or a servant of God?” I think it is time for the greater community of reason to start throwing our weight around in politics. We need to start making it clear to politicians that we […]

Vote Atheist!

While being an atheist is still a minority in America, it is surprisingly a larger group of people then Jews and Mormons. There is of course a big difference however. Jews and Mormons have a belief system in common and a common culture. So they have little to no problem voting for and donating money […]

The Myth That Atheists are Unelectable

So there is a new Pew Research Poll that once again shows that people don’t want to elect atheists to public office. This is nothing new. We already know that we are the most distrusted minority. However, I am still going to call BULLSHIT! Look, there is no doubt that there is discrimination against atheists. […]

Odd Year Primary Day

With less then a week before the Rapture, I know many people couldn’t care less about November elections, but for those of us who are just a little skeptical that May 21st will be the beginning of the end, Primary Day still has some value. I know this is an odd election year and aside […]

Dangerous Talk’s Political Action Plan 2012

So yesterday I talked about how the Republicans are holding the country hostage and Obama is willing to do whatever they like. Obama is holding our votes hostage and most Democrats have told him that they are willing to do whatever he wants. Today I am going to suggest a way out. First, let me […]

Democrats Are Bad Negotiators

Yesterday’s blog entry has generated a lot of responses through twitter, facebook, e-mail, etc. My position is that I probably will not vote for President Obama in his re-election. Part of my reasoning for this is that Obama is a bad negotiator. As it turns out Democrats in general are bad negotiators too. A lot […]

Demand Secular!

For the last few weeks, there have been some pretty big protests going on in the Middle East. Governments have fallen as a result. Twitter and Facebook were key weapons for the rebel groups. I think it is type that some kind of protest starts here in America. I think it is time we demand […]

Church Gossip

There is nothing worse than sitting in a firehouse for 13 hours being forced to listen to church gossip. Tuesday, I had to sit in my polling place all day as the Minority Election Inspector and all my coworkers were Catholics. First, I want to say that one was a liberal Catholic and the others […]

Sometimes I Get Discouraged

I don’t know what was more discouraging yesterday, the Republicans winning in so many places or top progressives like Alan Grayson and Russ Feingold losing. In my state of Pennsylvania, the Republicans really won big. They took the Governor position. Crazy former Constitutional Party wacko Pat Toomey defeated my congressman Joe Sestak for Senate. Bryan […]

Both Sides are Equally Extreme?

Over the weekend, Jon Stewart held the Rally to Restore Sanity and tomorrow is Election Day so I thought I would talk about this myth that both political parties are equally extreme. Toward the end of the rally, Stewart gave his closing speech in which he talked about how people from both sides of the […]

The Lawn Sign Game

With a little over a week to go before Election Day, it is time to start playing the Lawn Sign Game as a predictor of the election. It is a pretty easy game to play and can be great fun for small road trips. While it isn’t a perfect prediction of local election outcomes, it […]

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