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Holding Their Nose for Romney

Yesterday was Election Day and as Minority Election Inspector, I am at my polling place all day long. Since I live in a largely Republican area, it is an opportunity to talk to Republicans about politics. It came to no surprise to me that I couldn’t find anyone who liked Mitt Romney for President. What did surprise me was that ever Republican I talked to said they would still vote for him.

When I started to talk to all the Republican officials, party leaders, and candidates none of them liked anyone in the current field of candidates. There were no Republicans who were enthusiastically supporting any candidate in the Republican Primary. One guy said that he liked Rick Perry for a while, but Perry went off the deep end. I got a few people who actually said they kind of liked Herman Cain despite the sexual harassment scandals, but that they weren’t die hard supporters. They just kind of liked him. A few people shouted out other names like Chris Christie or that one guy from Florida whose name I forget but neither is running.

I asked them if their candidate was Mitt Romney… because it probably will be, would they still vote for him. Every Republican I talked to without fail said in an Obama vs. Romney matchup they would hold their nose and vote for Romney. No one said they would stay home or write in another candidate.

Republicans are disciplined. They vote no matter what and they vote party before people. On Election Day, they don’t care how much they hate the candidate they vote Republican no matter what. Democrats like me are a little different. If I don’t like a candidate, I don’t vote for the candidate. Even in this year’s off-year election, there were candidates I didn’t vote for. There was a Democrat running for county office who was a Creationist and a Democrat running for Judge who is a member of a Christian Legal Society whose mission it is to serve “Jesus Christ through the practice of law.” So I couldn’t vote for her either. I don’t think either won.

The bottom line is that if it is an Obama vs. Romney match-up which is likely, then it will be close and Obama will need every vote. So if he wants to win he best start trying to earn my vote. 😉

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