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Don’t Give Your Vote Away!

Last week, I published an article titled, “Atheist support for Obama down significantly.” The article itself did not advocate whether or not atheists should support Obama, just that many atheists are withdrawing their support for Obama. Most people responded to the article by pledging their undying loyalty to the President. I think that is a […]

Between The Lines of Primary Day 2012

Yesterday there were two primary day battles that I was watching very closely. This first is obviously the one that everyone was watching, Scott Walker’s recall election in Wisconsin. The second was in New Jersey where I am from originally and where my family still resides. Let’s talk about the recall election first. Scott Walker […]

Obama Evolved!

I am willing to admit that I was wrong. People told me that President Obama was just waiting until his second term before he openly supports same-gender marriage and I laughed. I didn’t think he would support it until after he was out of office when there wasn’t anything he could actually do about it. […]

Comedy Journalism

Over the weekend, journalists across the nation gathered in Washington to attend the yearly White House Correspondence Dinner. Once again, this dinner proves that comedy is the best journalism. For a long time now, people have been getting fed up with our journalists who have far too often exchanged hard hitting questions to politicians for […]

The State of the Union 2012

The state of the union is fucked up. It is fucked up because we have politicians who are bought and sold by corporate lobbyists and who more often than not try to appease religious zealots rather than scientifically minded constituents. Our country and our world will not get better until we take the money out […]

‘Cutting Off Your Nose to Spite Your Face’

Whenever I complain about how crappy a President Obama is and how I probably won’t vote for him unless he starts acting real progressive real fast, I get people telling me that not voting for Obama is a vote for the Republican. Then they tell me that I am “cutting off my nose to spite […]

The Constitution Omits ‘God’

Fundamentalist Christians are upset because apparently President Obama didn’t mention God in his Thanksgiving Day address. Personally, I don’t know why the President has to even have a Thanksgiving Day address. But the Right Wing has been complaining all weekend that Obama “omitted” God from the address. The Amazing Atheist did a great video on […]

Holding Their Nose for Romney

Yesterday was Election Day and as Minority Election Inspector, I am at my polling place all day long. Since I live in a largely Republican area, it is an opportunity to talk to Republicans about politics. It came to no surprise to me that I couldn’t find anyone who liked Mitt Romney for President. What […]

Political Hostage Taking 101

I have had this conversation before and it really does seem that my fellow progressives are just not getting it. Now that Chris Christie has made it clear that he is NOT running for President in 2012 and Rick Perry has fallen out of favor with both the Republican establishment and the Religious Right, it […]

Our System is Broken

I always knew Obama was an appeaser and didn’t really buy into his hype (although I voted for him and supported him in the general election). But now he has done the opposite of hope for me. He has disheartened me and discouraged me in relation to politics today. I don’t really see the point […]

The Power of the Bully Pulpit

Whenever I criticize President Obama for giving the Republicans everything they want and not getting much if anything in return, Party line Democrats will attack me by saying that there was nothing Obama could have done because those damn Republicans were blocking him from doing what he really wanted to do. They tell me it […]

The Republicans Want to Lose!

As I was watching the Iowa Republican Debate the other day I kept asking myself, “Who does Roger Ailes want to win?” The idea is to see who the Fox Hosts were brutal towards and who they gave a pass to. What I realized is that the Republican establishment doesn’t really want any of them […]

No One Likes Change

Over the weekend, we ordered some Chinese food from our favorite Chinese restaurant. But when I went to pick it up, the woman working there was telling me that they were under new management and are in the process of making all kinds of improvements. She was very excited about it. One of the new […]

Behind Enemy Lines

One of the things I love about being the Minority Election Inspector in a heavily Catholic Republican district on Primary Day is that I get a glimpse inside “enemy lines.” Not to say that I consider the people I work with enemies, I don’t. However, I do consider their affiliations to be enemy affiliations. First, […]

The Death of Osama bin Laden

Ladies and gentlemen, we got him! Lately I have been pretty hard on our President, but I have to say that he deserves a good deal of credit for this and for other huge victories in the “war on terror.” Still, it would have been much better had we captured Osama bin Laden alive and […]

Obama’s Birther Mistake

Okay, so the big news yesterday is that Obama released his long-form birth certificate to shut “The Donald” up. Before I go into why this was a terrible idea on Obama’s part, let’s talk about the facts. In 2000, the Bush campaign claimed that John McCain was not a naturally born United States citizen and […]

Dangerous Talk’s Political Action Plan 2012

So yesterday I talked about how the Republicans are holding the country hostage and Obama is willing to do whatever they like. Obama is holding our votes hostage and most Democrats have told him that they are willing to do whatever he wants. Today I am going to suggest a way out. First, let me […]

Votes Matter

This week, I have been talking a lot about politics since the President has announced (to no one’s surprise) that he is running for President. I am critical of President Obama and I will probably not vote for him. Among the many massages I have gotten on this subject has been from people who tell […]

Democrats Are Bad Negotiators

Yesterday’s blog entry has generated a lot of responses through twitter, facebook, e-mail, etc. My position is that I probably will not vote for President Obama in his re-election. Part of my reasoning for this is that Obama is a bad negotiator. As it turns out Democrats in general are bad negotiators too. A lot […]

Why I Am Probably NOT Voting For Obama

Right before the 2008 Primary, I was going inside the local public library when an elderly man asked me if I would consider voting for Barack Obama during the primary election. When he saw that I was not that interested, he told me that he thought Obama would be the next Robert Kennedy and he […]

Information-Age War

Recently President Obama decided to take military action in Libya. We are already involved in military action in Iraq (still) and Afghanistan. We are fighting as if this was still the 20th century. The problem is that we are now in the information age and we ought to be conducting our wars accordingly. Missiles, bombs, […]

President With Guts

During the presidential primary, I was one of a few progressives warning everyone that Obama was a moderate at best. One campaigner told even told me that he thought Obama was the next Robert Kennedy. Sadly that seems unlikely. On just about every issue Obama has let down his progressive base and continues to try […]

Sometimes I Get Discouraged

Over the weekend, I was putting together an Examiner article on the upcoming PhillyCoR Picnic. This is an event that I have been promoting for months so I was very excited to be writing the article. However, I noticed that the PhillyCoR website was down and so I contacted the PhillyCoR president to find out […]

Should Atheists Support Obama’s Current SCOTUS Pick?

Last night, Obama made his pick for the replacement of Supreme Court Justice Paul Stevens. His pick is Elena Kagan, the current Solicitor General. Is it a good pick? Should we as atheists be supporting her? Earlier today I wrote an article of the Examiner page talking about Elena Kagan’s record on church/state issues. It […]

The National Day of…

Today is the day that the followers of the late Senator Joseph McCarthy decided to designate as the National Day of Prayer. Recently of course this federal endorsement of religion has been struck down by the courts as unconstitutional. But no one appears to have told the federal government or the religious right about this. […]

Dreaming About Tomorrow

During the 2008 primary, I strongly opposed Barack Obama as the candidate. I didn’t buy into his message of Change and Hope. While I voted for him in the general election, I still think that he was full of shit. As a point of fact, he hasn’t changed the healthcare system or any other policy […]

This Is What Change Looks Like

Last night, the House of Representatives passed President Obama’s Health Reform Bill. Of course none of the Republican’ts voted for it. When it was passed, Obama triumphantly declared that, “this is what change looks like.” Oddly enough, it doesn’t seem to look much different. I remember when Obama gave his big health care reform speech; […]

The Mysterious Atheist White House Briefing

Despite President Obama’s rhetoric about transparency in government, the White House has made the delegates from the Secular Coalition of America (SCA) take an oath of secrecy. I have talked about this more in my Examiner article which I hope everyone will check out. But I want to say a bit more about this issue. […]

I’m Glad Democrats Lost Massachusetts

The Liberal Lion has been tea-bagged. At the time of his death, Ted Kennedy was the second most liberal Senator and now he is being replaced by someone who may turn out to be the most conservative Senator. How is that possible? It’s easy. The Democrats have no balls. President Obama in particular has been […]

Guy Fawkes Day is Here Again

Remember, remember the fifth of November. Today is of course the anniversary of the day when the Catholic plot to blow up the Protestant controlled Parliament went astray. This year, I think we need to take this holiday a little more seriously than we normally would. First, it is of course a reminder that Christians […]

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