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I’m Glad Democrats Lost Massachusetts

The Liberal Lion has been tea-bagged. At the time of his death, Ted Kennedy was the second most liberal Senator and now he is being replaced by someone who may turn out to be the most conservative Senator. How is that possible?

It’s easy. The Democrats have no balls. President Obama in particular has been a big disappointment. He talks a great game, but when the time comes to take the field and actually play competitively, he just goes into the backroom and makes a deal to throw the game.

Obviously Massachusetts is a state that favors progressive Democrats. So why would the DSCC push a middle of the road Democrat like Martha Coakley? Leadership is a top-down command structure. The fact is that Obama has not led the fight for healthcare reform, economic reform, gay rights, or in withdrawing our military troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Before Obama even won the primary I criticized him for wanting make nice with the right wing of the Republican Party. I warned that he would not be successful in sitting down with the Religious Right. But he wasn’t listening. Sometimes compromise is another word for surrender.

Progressive Democrats are sick of this. We don’t want to support someone who promises change and transparency and then makes backroom deals with bankers and the insurance companies. Obama has gained no support from the right wing despite all his efforts and has now lost the support of progressives. The people in the middle respect politicians who will stand up for principles (even principles they don’t agree with).

Republicans have been saying that Democrats have 60 votes and can do whatever they want. However, Democrats have no leadership nor do they have a backbone. As a result, they have tied their hands behind their back and wondered why they couldn’t get anything done. Now we no longer have 60 votes. So now it is time to kick some ass.

It is time to scrap that worthless healthcare bill and write a real health reform bill. It is time to move that bill into reconciliation, which only needs 50 votes and pass the fucker. We don’t need Lieberman and we aren’t going to get Scott Brown.

Let this failure of the Obama Administration be a wake up call to get some balls. So I think it is a great thing that Democrats lost Kennedy’s Senate seat. It means that Democrats no long have an excuse for not getting anything done. The Democrats still have more Senators than Bush ever had and he was able to pass anything he wanted. Funny how that works.

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