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Democrats Are Bad Negotiators

Yesterday’s blog entry has generated a lot of responses through twitter, facebook, e-mail, etc. My position is that I probably will not vote for President Obama in his re-election. Part of my reasoning for this is that Obama is a bad negotiator. As it turns out Democrats in general are bad negotiators too.

A lot of people have come forward to tell me that they disagree with Obama on a lot of issues, but that they are going to support him anyway. Well shit, I hope none of these people have to negotiate with anyone for anything ever. Right now, I am in a negotiation process with the President and every voter should be too.

If we tell the President that he has our vote no matter what then guess what? He isn’t going to do anything we want him to do. We have given him no incentive to be a better President and to listen to anything we have to say. In short, such a tactic is bad negotiating.

If enough of his former supporters tell him that he is losing our support because he hasn’t paid attention to our issues, then we are giving him an incentive to pay attention to our issues. However, if the President considers that an ideal threat then he may call your bluff. This means that we have to make him believe that we are serious and that we are not bluffing.

With that said, what you do in the voting booth is between you and Debold. But if you want a President who will fight for your issues, you have to stay strong and make it clear that you will not support him if he does not support the issues you care about.

Instead, a lot of Democrats have called their own bluff and basically said what the President has said. If someone has hostages, you should do whatever they want because they might hurt the hostages. I remember when the President said that, and my jaw dropped.

Right now, the Republicans are holding the country hostage and the President is willing to give them whatever they want. As a result, the President is holding your vote hostage and you are willing to do whatever he wants. Whatever happened to the idea that you don’t negotiate with hostage takers? If we open up that door even once, it can never be closed again.

Don’t let the President hold your vote hostage! Tell him that you will not vote for him if he continues to try to appease the Republicans. Be strong!

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