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The Republicans Want to Lose!

As I was watching the Iowa Republican Debate the other day I kept asking myself, “Who does Roger Ailes want to win?” The idea is to see who the Fox Hosts were brutal towards and who they gave a pass to. What I realized is that the Republican establishment doesn’t really want any of them to win. The Republican candidate for 2012 is Obama!

Sure they may call Obama a secret Muslim, a secret Socialist, and even a secret Nazi but the reality of the situation as Bill Maher pointed out is that he is a secret Republican.

The game is fixed and we all lost. If a Republican was President, Democrats would be arguing against the two wars we are fighting, the attacks on Social Security and Medicare and we would be demanding real health insurance reform. We would be fighting against off shore drilling, the illegal warrantless wiretapping of US citizens, and tax cuts to the rich. We would be making the argument that the Republican President should be talking more about job creation than about the debt. But we have a Democratic President and so aside from a few Progressive (labeled extremists by Obama and the mainstream media) no one is talking about those things.

The Republicans get everything they want including massive tax cuts to the top two percent and while some Democrats are unhappy about it, Obama assures us that he had no choice and most Democrats accept it. The Republicans never had it better. They get everything they want and Democrats get the blame when it destroys the country. Why would they possibly want anyone else as President?

So they pick the craziest bunch of wackos and whisper into their ear’s that they can become President. So these wackos (being wackos) run for President thinking that they are going to be “the” candidate and that Obama is so unpopular with his progressive base that they can win. What they don’t realize is that in the general election, the Republican machine of Fox News will be secretly working against them in favor of Obama. The large corporations will be giving money to Obama because his own base won’t and on Election Day, the corporate Republicans will be casting their vote for Obama (while telling people they voted for the crazy person). The Independents will vote for Obama because the Republican candidate is crazy. And the Democrats and Progressive will vote for Obama because what else are they going to do; vote for the crazy Republican? Some Democrats might even still think that Obama is a Democrat and has their best interest at heart, lol.

Ron Paul is still in the race and doing well, but if he becomes the Republican candidate, he will get no support from the Republican Party. He is unpredictable to them and not part of the game. In some cases he would be great for the large corporations. He wants to get rid of all regulations. That’s like taking the referee out of the game. But then he is against the war and that will cut profits to the war profiteers so they won’t have that. Ron Paul is uncontrollable and that is the problem. In some ways he is the craziest of the bunch in that some of his ideas are really good and make sense while other ideas of his are so batshit crazy that even Bachmann can’t compete. He is the type of crazy that can fool people into thinking he is sane for a little while. So they take him out of the institution, into their homes, and then he kills someone for eating toast with the crusts still on.

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