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No One Likes Change

Over the weekend, we ordered some Chinese food from our favorite Chinese restaurant. But when I went to pick it up, the woman working there was telling me that they were under new management and are in the process of making all kinds of improvements. She was very excited about it. One of the new improvements was different fried rice. It was horrible. My wife and I spent dinner talking about how change sucks.

Whenever facebook or some other popular website makes a change, everyone almost always complains and yet every politicians (including incumbents) love to run on the message of change. No one likes change and yet it is the most popular political message to run on.

It seems that people like the concept of change, but complain when they get actual change. This is probably why politicians run on the message of change and then get into office and don’t bother to change a thing. When they do change something it is almost always for the worst.

It seems that when change happens, it is the good things that change and not the bad things. It doesn’t matter if it is politics or Chinese fried rice that is how change generally happens. It seems like we should be fixing the things that don’t work and making them better, but that rarely happens.

My bet is that Obama will run again on the message of change during his re-election campaign despite being the incumbent and when he wins, he will again change things for the worse.

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  • kirk

    In GED Hofstatler writes that experience adds new meaning to old ideas. There is now two meanings for “rice from that great takeout place’ ; the original great rice and ‘not the rice you are looking for’. The new meaning that attaches to an old idea changes the possible outcomes of even a simple idea like – I would really like some rice but I don’t want to cook. You have choices you never had and THAT is very confusing. New meanings make new rules for life’s choices.

    That’s what’s up with Palin. She takes a ‘unique’ sacred text – there are after all only 7000 translations of THE scriptures – and adds new meanings. What we end up with is not improved explanatory power – we get soggy rice instead.

  • Harry

    Spot on.

    I have experienced plenty of change in the workplace and it is rarely for the better. I also failed to get a promotion because “i was too content with the status quo and didn’t promise to change enough things.’ I prefer improvement, not change for change’s sake.