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Dangerous Talk’s Political Action Plan 2012

So yesterday I talked about how the Republicans are holding the country hostage and Obama is willing to do whatever they like. Obama is holding our votes hostage and most Democrats have told him that they are willing to do whatever he wants. Today I am going to suggest a way out.

First, let me just remind everyone of what is going on here. The Republicans say they want X and the President says that he is willing to compromise and give them 80% of what they want. They say no so he comes back and offers 100% of what they want. They say no and tell him they want 110%. Obama says that doesn’t even make sense, but they don’t care so Obama agrees. Then the Republicans tell the people, “look what Obama just did, he is an evil socialist Nazi out to get you.” Obama says, “Hey, you wanted me to do those things, they were your ideas.” The Republicans laugh and say, “yeah and you get the blame for it when our ridiculously bad ideas fail because they were… well… ridiculously bad. Ha ha!”

Then Obama comes back to you and says, you have to vote for me because you can’t let those crazies near the White House. The Democratic voters say, “Yeah, we think you are doing a horrible job, but you get our vote anyway because those guys are really crazy!” Then Obama goes to the Republicans and says, “Hey, I want your votes, so I will do whatever you ask.” They say great, do X. Obama says how about 80% of X… well, you get the idea.

So what can we do? First, we can tell people that we will NOT vote for Obama if he doesn’t stop trying to appease the Republicans and start doing progressive things. Use your vote as a threat. Tell people that we need to stand strong and send a message. Make people believe that you are not making an idol threat. Personally, I couldn’t give a shit if it is idol or not. But you need to convince Obama that it is not an idol threat.

Next, go to Democratic websites and let them know that you are not going to vote for Obama unless he stops trying to appease Republicans and starts doing progressive things. Make them believe it! When the DNC sends you surveys, let them know too. Spread this message as much as you can. Let any Democratic leader in you area know that you will not support Obama unless he changes. Do this NOW!

By the time 2012 roles around I promise you, Obama will cave, because in the end it is all about the numbers. There is no way Obama has swayed a single Republican who didn’t support him in 2008 to support him now despite all the appeasing. If Obama feels that he is going to lose a significant amount of his base he will realize that he will lose the election. So what will he have to do? He will have to do at least a few things to appease us. Then we can decide if he has done enough or has to work harder. This will be about the time that the campaign really heats up so there will be lots of polling. How we answer those polls will determine how much Obama will try to appease us over how much he will try to appease the Republicans.

If you can count on one thing in 2012, it is that Obama will be out there trying to appease someone. He is an appeaser from start to finish. Use your vote to leverage change. Go to the websites of progressive think tanks and action groups and let them know you are standing strong and will not give your vote to Obama without getting something in exchange.

In the next few days I am hoping to make a video with our list of demands. Give me some suggestions. What are the strong progressive things that you wish Obama had done? Let’s use our vote to hold Obama hostage to our demands.

When people ask, “What if the election is between Obama and [fill in a crazy Republican] who are you going to vote for?” the answer should be, “That depends on Obama.” Election Day is still a long time away, don’t give away your only leverage this early.

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  • Scott

    Obama needs to stop the tax cuts. As I keep seeing on TYT, it’s how the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

    I might add more later, people started messaging me so I can’t focus.

  • Jim Lawler

    Here are some of the demands I want to see fulfilled by a halfway decent administration :
    * National health care system; health care is our right as human beings.
    * Strengthen and expand social security; people deserve a good retirement.
    * Develop alternative energy sources; what the fuck has been done on this over the last 35 years?
    *Stop intervening in every country between here and Mars; DEEP cuts to the military budget.
    * Fund quality education for all, from primary grades through college.
    And these are just the beginning. We have tons of work to do just to un-do the damage that has been done to this country over the last 35-40 years. I look forward to continuing this discussion soon.

  • M

    I agree with everything the previous poster said, but do you think any of those could or will happen? I can’t help but look at my future and see how bleak it’s going to be.