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Christians See “The Cross” Everywhere

Over the weekend, I read a story about a cross made out of the steal girders from 911. You see, when all the dust cleared, two girders shaped as a cross was miraculously found in the wreckage. Now Christians are worshiping the miracle.

The thing that bothers me is that some Christians are claiming that the cross left in the wreckage is a divine sign. This is so laughable to me. It would be different if some complex symbol was left in the wreckage. For example, if the Christian symbol was a pentagram and after the girders were found in that shape, it might more divine sign and less coincidence. But a cross?

A cross is a pretty common shape. With out half trying you can find a cross in almost anything. So it is hardly miraculous to find a cross made out of two girders (both linear in shape) in a construction or destruction site.

This is why I think the new atheist symbol should be a line. Then we can claim all kinds of miraculous events must be evidence of atheism.

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