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The Constitution Omits ‘God’

Fundamentalist Christians are upset because apparently President Obama didn’t mention God in his Thanksgiving Day address. Personally, I don’t know why the President has to even have a Thanksgiving Day address. But the Right Wing has been complaining all weekend that Obama “omitted” God from the address.

The Amazing Atheist did a great video on this in which he mentioned that term “omit” implies that something was supposed to be there and then taken out. There is no evidence that “God” was ever in Obama’s speech and so it wasn’t that he omitted it, but simply chose not to include it. He also didn’t include Star Wars, Harry Potter, and the Easter Bunny. Why does President Obama hate the Easter Bunny?

How arrogant is it for Christians to expect that every speech the President of the United States gives should include a personal shout-out to them and their ridiculous beliefs. More to the point, the Constitution of the United States also doesn’t include any shout-outs to any deities. In fact, the Constitution actually makes it clear that should shout-outs are inappropriate at best.

Where is the Christian outrage that the framers of the Constitution omitted God?

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