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Macro-Evolution is a Myth

After I really get into it with a Creationist, they will often admit that they agree with “micro-evolution” but reject the “belief” in “macro-evolution.” So what is macro-evolution? The truth is that there is no such thing as macro-evolution. Creations made it up.

There is only one kind of evolution and that is evolution via natural selection in which organisms change over time by genetic mutation. The evidence for evolution is so extensive that one would have to bury their head in the sand to avoid seeing it. Even Creationists have to admit that evolution is a fact of life.

This is why they decided to split evolution in half so that they can accept the indisputable facts of evolution while still clinging to their dogmatic belief that God created man in his present form. By making up this idea of micro and macro evolution, they can accept the obvious evidence for evolution yet still claim that the evolution that occurred over millions of years didn’t happen because they didn’t see it happen before their eyes. It is their way of having their cake and eating it too.

There is a problem with this however. It is a huge concession on their part. The second a Creationist starts spouting off about micro and macro evolution, they are admitting that they lost the argument.

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