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Sometimes I Get Discouraged

Over the weekend, I was putting together an Examiner article on the upcoming PhillyCoR Picnic. This is an event that I have been promoting for months so I was very excited to be writing the article. However, I noticed that the PhillyCoR website was down and so I contacted the PhillyCoR president to find out what was up. It turns out that the PhillyCoR is falling apart. The Picnic is being organized mainly by the Philly Humanist Society (one of the eight groups) with almost no support from the other organizations.

To make matters worse, just after I published the Examiner article, I found out that the Picnic’s special guess (who I have also been promoting for months) may not be able to make it. Rosco’s wife and campaign manager Cari fell out of a 60 foot tree and is in the hospital. They were supposed to leave Montana this Tuesday for Philly to perform the Sam Singleton, Atheist Evangelist show at Sunday’s Picnic and two additional shows.

Cari is doing well, but is banged up pretty badly and I don’t know if she will be up for the trip. The Philly shows were going to be part of a larger tour around the nation. One really distressing part of the whole thing is that they don’t have any health insurance because Atheist comedy shows don’t make a whole lot of money.

This gets me thinking about politics. While I was one of the few people well aware that Obama was not a progressive during the campaign, even I am surprised at how much he has continued the Bush policies and has done little to nothing to fix the problems facing this nation. During his great Health Care reform speech, he said that this was the last time America would have to deal with this issue and that we were going to do it right once and for all. What a joke.

If Obama had done it right, Rosco and Cari wouldn’t be without health care. In fact, part of the current problem is that even those who do have health care are not entirely sure that our medical expenses are actually covered. As it stands now (after HealthCare reform) we still have to pay the Health Insurance companies, but they don’t have to actually perform the services for which we are paying them. There are loopholes all over the place and Health Insurance companies have tons of lawyers who are looking for as many as they can find.

Sometimes I get discouraged. During the Bush administration, people told me that they were going to move to Canada and I discouraged them. I reminded them that America was the last battlefield and if we left, the Religious Right would take control and use America’s nuclear arsenal against the rest of the world. We won the last election, but it doesn’t seem like a victory. While it is true that we would be in far worse shape if the Republicans won, I am still so discouraged and disheartened that Obama seems unwilling to do much of anything except make great speeches.

He said that he didn’t want to play the game better, but wanted to change the game. But the fact is that Obama is just playing the game. What good is fighting hard to gain a political victory if that victory is hollow and meaningless?

I must admit that over the weekend, my wife and I actually had a serious conversation about perhaps moving to Canada. This health care issue is really motivating us to consider what I once thought was unthinkable. We actually went on the internet and started researching houses and areas to get an idea of costs. We definitely can’t afford to move anytime soon, but we are thinking of taking a vacation trip to scout out the possibilities.

Sometimes I get discouraged.

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  • http://www.atheistrev.com vjack

    Oh boy, I’d better secure the tinfoil hat because I think you’ve been reading my thoughts lately! The most positive spin I can possibly put on our shared feelings of discouragement is that it means we still give a damn.

    I have not quite reached the move to Canada level, but I am now pondering the “maybe the Democratic party is going to have to lose big before we get some real progressives elected” conundrum. I am sick and tired of my only choices being far right and moderately right.

  • Jeff

    Go ahead move to Canada, this country has been declining for years since people like you have ceded unconstitutional authority to the government and then blame your further failures on the worthless people you elect to run it.

    Instead of saying “If Obama had done it right, Rosco and Cari wouldn’t be without health care. ” did you consider that it is Rosco and Cari who hadn’t done it right. If atheist comedy shows are not lucrative enough to support a health plan then Rosco and Cari should be involved in a more productive line of work.

    But NO you want the government to force me to pay for their health care so they can waste their time doing pursuing a silly niche for their own self-interest. That kind of coercion is evil. Democrats are evil.

    If you don’t believe me read this piece from philosopher Kelly Ross who proves that if Satan were real (which he’s not) he would be a Democrat.

    “That Hideous Strength: Satan is a Democrat, It is the Blue States that are Red, & The Evil Empire Strikes Back”


  • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

    Jeff, you said a mouthful of bullshit and I want to dissect it. First, “people like you have ceded unconstitutional authority to the government” Really? People like me. If I recall, it was Republican President George W. Bush who unconstitutionally started to wiretap American citizens without a warrant, Bush who unconstitutionally arrested (and tortured) American citizens without due process of law, Bush who unconstitutionally created the office of Faith Based Initiatives, etc. etc.

    Second, “If atheist comedy shows are not lucrative enough to support a health plan then Rosco and Cari should be involved in a more productive line of work.” This is perhaps the most immoral thing I have heard in a long time. You are basically saying that only rich people deserve to be healthy. Hospitals should only heal the wealthy. The existing system of Insurance Company Death Panels is spot on and that if you are not productive enough, you should die! Is that really your argument here?

    In a related point, you missed the whole part of the blog article where I said “part of the current problem is that even those who do have health care are not entirely sure that our medical expenses are actually covered.” Don’t you get it Jeff, it’s a scam. You pay the health insurance companies and they use your money to hire lawyers and congressmen so that they don’t have to provide the services you are paying them for. When you are healthy, you pay the insurance companies. When you are sick, you pay the doctors and the hospitals because the insurance companies won’t cover the claim. You are paying twice!!!

    Then you talk about how selfish Rosco and Cari are and in the same paragraph you talk about how selfish you are. Guess what Jeff, you are paying for them now. Until the Republicans make it illegal for uninsured people to go to the Emergency Room, the hospital has a moral and even legal obligation to help them and not let them die outside. Who pays for that Jeff? You do. In fact, you actually pay more for Emergency Room visits of the uninsured than you would if you pitched in for a medicare for all system. I am looking out for your best interest here Jeff. You will pay less.

    Satan Jeff? Please, Dick Chaney literally doesn’t have a heart at this point, Glen Beck and Sarah Palin don’t have brains and under the Bush administration we started two wars and tortured people. Shit, I can go on all day here. Don’t get me wrong, I am plenty pissed at the Democrats, but the Republicans are just scary.

  • Jeff

    First let me point how astonishingly incompetent the person you voted for is when he fires someone (the order came from the WH) based on a video leaked by a right wing propagandist. That being said

    It’s interesting that merely because I criticized Democrats and liberals you assumed I was a Republican. You should read the article I linked to, one of only two minor disagreements I have with it is the author’s admiration of Reagan. I think Republicans are stupid but not sinister.

    That being said when they do have constitutional conflicts they are usually related to war and the Constitution clearly gives broad authority to the President in war time. And they also tend to target a few, mostly non-citizens, and are temporary measures.

    When Democrats ignore the Constitution it affects every citizen and is usually permanent, i.e. The New Deal. They also adopt any Republican policies that are constitutionally questionable if it grants more power. Obama still wiretaps, promises to continue permanent uncharged detention, signs death warrants, and even enhanced Bush’s faith based initiatives.

    .The idea that only rich people deserve to be healthy is absurd. You probably believe a lot of the disinformation about health care and the genuine problems you see are the result of having ceded too much control to the government.

    For example its simply not true that 45,000 people a year die from lack of insurance, its actually 3,000. And considering that nearly 100,000 die in medical mistakes each year adding 47,000,000 more potential patients will likely kill more than 3,000 people. And the number 1 type of insurance that denies covering procedures is MEDICARE.

    If you don’t like insurers using money to pay for lawyers and congressman then STOP CEDING MORE POWER TO CONGRESS & LAWYERS.

    Now imagine if I said “Boo-hoo since my flee circus doesn’t make enough money to feed my kids I want the government to force you to pay for them.” That was my argument, not that only rich kids should eat. If my garage band or flee-circus or whatever can’t support my lifestyle it is incumbent on ME to change my line of work or my lifestyle. There will be a few hard luck cases among people who are mentally or physically handicapped but those few people can be supported by family or private charity or state/community level programs.

    Virtually every unconstitutional government program has made the problems it attempts to solve much worse from school lunch programs to medicaid. They even create new problems like homelessness and the breakdown of the family.

    Lets close with a case study often used by Penn Jillette. One of the reasons drinks like Coke are so cheap is because the high-fructose corn syrup that makes it sweet is dirt cheap thanks to unconstitutional corn subsidies. Now because its so cheap its consumed more often by poorer people and because they apparently are more overweight the behavior police have decided in some localities to tax these products to control people.

    Think about how EVIL this is. Government nannies want to CONTROL people’s behavior, behavior they are engaging in in part because of an illegitimate seizure made by these same folks of their monies to bribe the corn industry. And because those subsidies make certain products cheaper they want to engage in ANOTHER seizure of assets to raise the price of those same products. Positively Satanic!!!

  • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

    Jeff, you will get no argument from me that Obama is incompetent. I said that before he was elected. Still, he was better than McCan’t/Palin.

    The issue isn’t about “big government” or government control, it is over the role of government. That role should be to serve the people and not serve themselves. Restricting people’s private actions which only affect themselves is not the proper role of government. Restricting and policing corporations to protect the people is the proper role of government.

    The New Deal saved lives and helped to serve the people.

    Back to the original point, you claimed that Health Care should only be available for people who are productive. That sir sounds like the worst parts of communism if ever I heard it. Everyone should have equal access to health care. Health Care isn’t a shiny new car. If someone can’t afford a shiny new car and they want one, then they need a better job. But if someone ones to go to the hospital, their job shouldn’t matter.

    Our current Health Care system (and banking system for that matter) is a scam designed to funnel money from the poor and middle class to the super rich. Both parties are in on the scam, but the Republicans are in much more.