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Site Update

Dangerous Talk is now 95% back up and running. Over the last few months the site has been continually hacked. Basically, the hackers have been inserting spam links hidden at the top of the website. The links can only be seen when Java has been disabled.

At first, a few readers informed me of the problem and I had to reinstall some of the theme components of the site and tweak the code. As it had started to happen more and more, I began checking the site every week or so. Basically, on Friday I got tired to having to do all this and figured I could just update the software and maybe stop this problem altogether.

That ended up being a much bigger problem than the original hacking problem. At one point on Friday I was actually freaking out a bit. By Saturday the site had been restored to the point that readers shouldn’t have noticed any difference in the site. But from my standpoint, I basically was locked out.

Now I have full access and most of the site is working great. I still don’t know if any of this will stop the hacking, but I am hoping.

I want to thank all my readers for your patience and for your continued support. I will be taking the rest of this week off from blogging to get the remaining 5% of the site back to where it should be and to work on other Dangerous Talk projects. Please feel free to go through the Category section and check out some of the older blog articles that you might have missed. Also, I hope you will check out my Examiner page as I will be writing a few more articles there this week.

Once again, I want to thank all the readers and supporters out there because you are all Dangerous Talker and you all mean the world to me.


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  • Erin

    Good to see you back, Staks. Good luck getting everything in shape and hopefully see you at next meetup!