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God Didn’t Create the Internet

It used to be that only fundamentalists would tell me that science was a religion, but these days even some moderate religious people are using this type of poor reasoning. Their view is that science claims to have the only method for understanding the world. In other words, science claims to have a monopoly on the truth just like fundamentalist religions do.

Yes, science is the only reliable method for understanding the world. No other method can reliably tell us about the world. The major difference however is that science can prove its claims objectively. This is why every person in the world uses science and relies on science despite any rhetoric they might implore.

God didn’t create the internet. No one has faith that when they turn on a light switch that it will go on. We don’t pray over our meals to cook them. Science is the only method which we can accurately rely on to get the job done. In short, science works. It works consistently, repeatable, and objectively.

The day religious people stop using the scientific method and all advances that science has produced is the day I will concede that science might be a religion and that science might take things on faith. When religious people can pray into existence anything even remotely as cool as the internet is the day I might be willing to accept that science isn’t the only reliable method for understanding the world.

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