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The Last Battlefield

During the Bush years I heard a lot of people telling me that America was getting so bad under religiously wacko Republican rule that they were seriously considering leaving the country. Even today, I hear some of my more progressive friends tell me that with Health Care the way it is and the Religious Right continuing to make this nation less and less educated, that Europe or Canada is looking better all the time.

I have to admit, that the thought of moving to the Netherlands or Canada has entered my mind. So I can’t really blame other people for having the same thought. Fundamentalist Christianity continues to make America the laughing stock of the world. Our Democratic President and Congress seem powerless against the wacky religious Republican minority. When half of America gets their opinions from Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, and James Dobson, we have to wonder what is going on in this country.

The fact is that more than half of the American public either doesn’t accept the science of evolution or are not sure. Whether or not homosexuality is an abomination or not has become an issue of intense debate. More Americans believe in an ancient book of myths than the latest scientific discoveries in cosmology. To say that most Americans are intellectually ignorant would be an understatement.

Fundamentalism is on the rise in American and many progressives are just tired of it. But we can’t leave. Do you really think that the fundamentalist Christians like James Dobson and Sarah Palin would just stop after they have completely taken over America and blasphemy and skepticism are outlawed?  If Ray Comfort was President and 90 percent of Americans were fundamentalists, do you really think they would just try to convert the other 10 percent of America and then leave the rest of the world alone?

One of the problems with fundamentalist Christianity is that they have this view that they are saving people’s eternal souls. If you knew that someone was going to be tortured for all eternity and that you could save them, it would be an act of cruelty not to. These people see what they are doing as humanitarian. They are on a mission to save people from sin.

When Bush went into Iraq, one of the excuses he used was that Saddam Hussein was gassing his own people. We had to save them from their leader. Now think about it. A fundamentalist Christian America looks at the rest of the heathen world. What do you think they are going to do, just sit by and let the Satan control the rest of the Earth? No, they are going to want to fight the evil Satan and they are going to attempt to convert the entire world for God.

America is the most powerful nation on this Earth. If you thought is was scary that Bush had the Nuclear Codes, what about if James Dobson, Ray Comfort, or Glen Beck had them? America is the last battlefield. If we lose America to the fundamentalist wackos, we lose the world! By leaving America, progressives and freethinkers will be conceding the world to darkness and ignorance.

The culture war is not one of our choosing, but it is a war we must fight. We can’t just leave the battlefield in good conscience and hope that the fundamentalist extremists will come to their senses. We need to stay here in America and combat superstition with reason. We need our more progressive European and Canadian friends to move here and help us. Save America, Save the World.

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  • matt

    Haha, so selective you are staks…..

    Oh no our country is so crazy and bad off by “wacky” fundamentalists and conservative thinking!! So broad, give me a specific example were a conservative thinker actually hurt anything this country and our constitution stands for….I can name dozens that both democrats and republicans signed off on after todays political science class…we went over the patriot act. Talk about unconstitutional…..how the hell did that piece of crap get passed?? The biggest over-reaction to date if you ask me…passed only 45 days after 9-11.

    So “progrssives” are wanting to leave the country….big whoop, a good friend of mine from Kansas lives in a reigion with many farmers, and so far about 60% of them have packed up and moved to South American because they can no longer afford to farm here in the good’ol USA. Why? Ridiculous taxes, which I think may have actually started with the Bush administration (in the last 2 years when the democrats took the supermajority….the 2 years were the republicans couldn’t do anything…and the 2 years that did nothing to address the financial crisis…) and been further implemented by the Obama Administration….my point is simply don’t act like its all the conservatives and “fundamentalists” that are screwing up this nation….I’ve seen several video’s were world leaders have refused to even shake Obama’s hand….he has no respect worldwide, and that has nothing to do with conservatives or fundamentalists.

    As for us being the most powerful nation…meh, give it a few years…China’s growth rate is set to catch us by 2020 for sure…probably pass us though if you ask me.

    • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

      First, this argument is more about religious fundamentalism than politics… although politics is affected. Second, Bush rammed the PATRIOT Act down Congress throat. Third, as we have seen, the Democrats are pussies and pretty much go with what the Republicans want. Fourth, name one world leader that won’t shake Obama’s hand? That’s just bullshit.

      • Rory

        You claim your argument is more about religion than politics yet most of the people named in it are politicians, political commentators, or christian political activists.

        How have you personally or the broader atheist community suffered from the passing of the Patriot Act? I want a specific concrete example. Even if you argue it was “rammed down Congress’ throat” in the hectic days following 9/11 this is certainly not true of its subsequent re-authorizations.

        The Democrats have had control of both houses of congress for nearly 3 years and the presidency for nearly 9 months. At what point will you stop blaming Republicans?

        Who cares if anyone shakes Obama’s hand or doesn’t shake Bush’s? What has Obama’s alleged popularity gotten us as citizens? Again concrete examples, please not silly sentimental abstractions. Obama asked for Europe to pony up more troops for Afghanistan: Nada. He asked for help in taking Gitmo detainees, almost zero help there. He was rebuffed at the G8 regarding stimulus agreements. He is laughing stock in N. Korea and Iran with both country’s saber rattling has only increased since Bush’s departure. Yesterdays meeting between Palestinian and Israeli officials was a joke.

        You need to relax a little bit buddy your fear of the christian right is bordering on the hysteric, seriously.

        • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

          Politicians, political commentators, and Christian political activists all heavily influenced by the Christian Right. Are you denying that? Religion is behind the politics.

          The US PATRIOT Act is an attack on civil liberties. It is an attack not just on atheist Americans, but ALL Americans. Again, while the Republicans are responsible for pushing it through Congress, Democrats are responsible for letting them do it. Even when Democrats control the House and the Senate, they are still pussies who can be frightened into doing what ever the Republicans want. Apparently having 60 Senators and the Presidency doesn’t really help much. I will stop blaming Republicans when Democrats stop doing what the Republicans tell them to do. I spread plenty of blame around the the spineless Democrats too. So if you think I am just blaming Republicans, than you haven’t read my blog recently. But let’s face facts, it is the Religiously Wacko Republicans that are the ones pushing the agenda whether they are in office or on TV and radio.

          I don’t care who shakes Obama’s hand, but I do care that it is not true that many world leaders won’t do it. That is at best incorrect and at worst a flat out lie.

          While I am certainly critical of Obama on Health Insurance Reform and Global Climate Change issues, the fact is that he did reverse Bush’s position on Stem Cell Research, Sex Ed funding, and a host of other issues. He is also taking down terrorists right and left. But you won’t hear about it on the major news stations for some reason. The fact is that we are closing in on binLaden and really taking down a lot of the terrorist cell network. In 9 months, Obama has done more damage to Al Qaeda than 8 years of the Bush administration’s heavy handed approach. Obama’s speech in Egypt has a lot to do with Al Qaeda’s lose in the recruitment department.

    • http://myspace.com/scott888 Scott

      I don’t recall seeing my taxes increase increase during the last few years when democrats came into power.

  • John

    Yes, I’m denying that religion is behind the politics. The so called Christian Right’s moment in the sun ended over 20 years ago. Get a grip.

    You imbecile you still don’t get it do you? Democrat aren’t doing what Republicans tell them, quite the opposite in fact. They’re doing what their constituents tell them to do. You guys have succeeded in destroying Democracy completely yet, but you’re definately well on the way. Republicans aren’t pushing any agenda, Republicans have no leaders worth speaking of, but you still worry about them to the point of deranged obsession.

    Your last paragraph about Obama doing damage to Al Qaeda is just plain laughable and not even worth responding to.

    Scott, you didn’t notice that unusual spike in oil prices after Democrats came to power? Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed, the Bush era tax cuts will be expiring next year.

    • http://myspace.com/scott888 Scott

      “Get a grip”
      “You imbecile”
      “to the point of deranged obsession.”
      “just plain laughable”

      People tend to ignore everything you say if you speak down to them.

      But now to address your points.

      “Yes, I’m denying that religion is behind the politics. ‘

      Have you ever met a person that bases their vote solely on one thing: pro-life. The vast majority of pro-lifers are Christians. I can count the number of pro-life atheists I have met on one hand. So there is a correlation between one’s abortion stance and religion. Pro-life candidates also tend to be against stem cell research and gay marriage. While I don’t really think the politicians are really religious themselves, their positioning strategy is to appeal to the masses of religious people.

      So, religion does effect politics because people are voting for stances that are utterly ridicules once religion is removed from the picture. Then of course, the politician caters to the religious right also caters to big business. While big businesses being able to function freely is supposed to create more jobs and maintain a good economy, it doesn’t completely work that way. The bottom line objective leaves room for oversight such as denying many Americans health insurance due to preexisting conditions.

      “Democrat aren’t doing what Republicans tell them, quite the opposite in fact. They’re doing what their constituents tell them to do.”

      Obama is basically handling the wars based on advice from the generals and whatnot and so far he hasn’t screwed them up yet like I assumed a democrat would do if they got into office. I remember John Kerry said things that lead me to believe he’d end the wars right on the spot and allow Afghanistan and Iraq to become terrorist nations.

      However, politicians bullshit while running for office and then act more rational while in office. Why isn’t Obama trying hard enough to get us universal health care and conceding while in the majority? Because he is a moderate that is disguised as a leftist, he might not really support universal health care may thing it is too risky to introduce during a major recession.

      “You guys have succeeded in destroying Democracy completely yet, but you’re definitely well on the way. Republicans aren’t pushing any agenda, Republicans have no leaders worth speaking of,”

      How are we destroying democracy? Didn’t I explain yesterday how corporations funding politicians tends to cause politicians to favor the wealthy people that got them into office in the first place? Both parties do this but it is much more prevalent among the republicans. There was the no bid contracts in Iraq during the Bush administration.

      I fail to see how we are destroying democracy. I would think that democracy is more destroyed by brainwashing the public with Jesus thru churches that are tax exempt. Then people vote how Jesus would want them to vote and then we get politicians that favor the wealthy. Removing this layer of religion makes politics more straight forward and then the public with vote based on what they want, not what Jesus would want them to do.

      Republicans are not pushing any agenda? Bush’s agenda revolved around his family rivalry with Saddam Hussein. Also, the republican agenda seems to want to deny progress for the sake of remaining in power. They need religion to get away with favoring the wealthy. Why do you think creationism is being pushed to be taught in schools?

      “Your last paragraph about Obama doing damage to Al Qaeda is just plain laughable and not even worth responding to.”

      I actually haven’t really followed too closely about what exactly is being accomplished in Afghanistan since Obama raised the troop levels. But I suspect that increased troops in Afghanistan will eventually give us good results.

      “Scott, you didn’t notice that unusual spike in oil prices after Democrats came to power? Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed, the Bush era tax cuts will be expiring next year.”

      Nope, but I remember when twenty dollars would fill my gas tank back in 2001. Then I remember them rising a bit after that and in 2005 there was a huge spike in the summer where it got around $4-5 a gallon. I also remember paying less than $2 a gallon last winter.

      And what to oil prices have to do with democrats in power? I really doubt that these politicians have any real influence on the gas prices. The gas prices went up with the rise in the number of vehicles being owned in China and India.
      And gas prices probably dropped down to $2 that one time in the winter because people have learned to be more fuel efficient over time.

      Obama is changing the tax plan to only increase taxes on the wealthy to allegedly fund universal health care and whatever other socialist programs he wants to do. So the wealthy being taxed might hurt job creation but we all get affordable health care in it’s place.

  • http://www.myspace.com/DD_NU4EVER Diana

    Wow…I thought this was a simple blog about the crazy cultists running amuck in our country and how we shouldn’t run away…I so want to sometimes…but apparently this is a political debate too. Well, yeah…when we allow religious people to hold positions of authority we’re just asking for corruption. I mean, if you think you have to accept the brutal HUMAN SACRIFICE of a man in order to go to paradise (kill infidels in order to get 50 virgins…same kind of crazy), you can’t be too moral a fella…

    As I see, and this is just a personal opinion, no reason to be personally offended…I think that no person of religious influence should be allowed to hold office. If you are expecting “the end times”, if you think we coexisted with dinosaurs, if you think the whole universe revolves around us….If you don’t “believe” in evolution…you are just far too ignorant to lead anything, not even a parade, let alone a country. I mean, you have to swallow a lot of BS to believe in a deity, angles, demons, immortality, witchcraft, and the ability to place you “sins” on others and then murder them and be cleansed…wow…dangerously gullible. I don’t want that person in charge of any decisions that affect me and my loved ones.

    I want to vote for an Atheist leader, someone who makes decisions based on logic and reason…not the ludicrous writings of a small Hebrew tribe from the bronze age. Barbaric, cattle sacrificing, chauvinistic, war hungry, intellectually unevolved tribe of people. And I’m not just picking on the ancient Hebrews. A lot of ancient cultures were stupid by today’s standards…but this is the one that today’s people think was right?!? WTF lol

    Now, I know I may be offending some…get over it. It’s my opinion and unlike some (I won’t name names) I don’t think my views are the end all and be all of perceptions. I won’t fault you for your personal beliefs, however warped they may be, I just don’t want you to have any authority over the lives of your fellow man. It’s not an unreasonable request.

    • http://myspace.com/scott888 Scott

      Yeah, this blog gets fairly political. I used to disagree with Staks on politics but eventually over time I started to see where he was coming from.

      I used to be pro-business (due to majoring in business) and believed that people like Obama, Hillary Clinton, etc were communists.

      I’d like an atheist leader but that won’t happen until the majority of the population is atheist.