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Global Climate Change Isn’t Like Dusting Crops

Today, President Barack Obama went to the United Nations to give one of his signature speeches. This time, his speech was on the Global Climate Change problem. As always, the President was articulate and inspiring. He talked about the great threat that the world faces and even quoted John F. Kennedy.

Dealing with the Global Climate Change problem isn’t like dusting crops, you have to deal with all the other nations of the world and the wacko anti-science religious fundamentalist in America. If you are a fellow Star Wars geek, you might have noticed that I just bastardized a line from Han Solo. But I am sure Han Solo won’t mind since Harrison Ford (the actor who played Han Solo) thinks Obama needs to do more on this issue.

Just yesterday, Solo… I mean Indiana Jones… I mean Harrison Ford had this to say:

The sad fact is that like Health Care Reform, I predict that Obama will once again be held hostage by the religiously insane Republican minority. There is a lot of money to be had from Big Business by not having environmental regulations and being allowed to dump pollutants in the water and in the air. Polluting the Earth is big business and I doubt Obama will be willing to scrap that part of our Nation’s economy.

The Republican opposition here stems not just from the profits of big business who don’t want to spend the extra cash for global security and the public health, but also from the part of the Republican Party which is religiously wacko. That’s pretty much more of the base. These people believe that God created the Earth and only God can save it. But worse yet, some of them believe that the Earth shouldn’t be saved at all. One of the signs of the End of Days/Rapture/Armageddon is that nature will turn against mankind. While I think that the End of the World would be a bad thing, these religious nuts think that the End of the World is a good thing. In fact, they think that it is the greatest thing that could ever happen.

Rush Limbaugh and newly crowned wacko in chief, Glen Beck, are both in the anti-science camp claiming that global climate change isn’t happening and even if it is, it is not a bad thing. With this kind of pressure, I am sure that Obama isn’t going to step up to the plate. Instead, he will just say that he should and that it is important. But when the time comes to really lead on this issue, like with the health insurance issue, Obama will seek, “bipartisanship” which is the new code word for whatever the Republicans want.

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