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Global Climate Change Isn’t Like Dusting Crops

Today, President Barack Obama went to the United Nations to give one of his signature speeches. This time, his speech was on the Global Climate Change problem. As always, the President was articulate and inspiring. He talked about the great threat that the world faces and even quoted John F. Kennedy.

Dealing with the Global Climate Change problem isn’t like dusting crops, you have to deal with all the other nations of the world and the wacko anti-science religious fundamentalist in America. If you are a fellow Star Wars geek, you might have noticed that I just bastardized a line from Han Solo. But I am sure Han Solo won’t mind since Harrison Ford (the actor who played Han Solo) thinks Obama needs to do more on this issue.

Just yesterday, Solo… I mean Indiana Jones… I mean Harrison Ford had this to say:

The sad fact is that like Health Care Reform, I predict that Obama will once again be held hostage by the religiously insane Republican minority. There is a lot of money to be had from Big Business by not having environmental regulations and being allowed to dump pollutants in the water and in the air. Polluting the Earth is big business and I doubt Obama will be willing to scrap that part of our Nation’s economy.

The Republican opposition here stems not just from the profits of big business who don’t want to spend the extra cash for global security and the public health, but also from the part of the Republican Party which is religiously wacko. That’s pretty much more of the base. These people believe that God created the Earth and only God can save it. But worse yet, some of them believe that the Earth shouldn’t be saved at all. One of the signs of the End of Days/Rapture/Armageddon is that nature will turn against mankind. While I think that the End of the World would be a bad thing, these religious nuts think that the End of the World is a good thing. In fact, they think that it is the greatest thing that could ever happen.

Rush Limbaugh and newly crowned wacko in chief, Glen Beck, are both in the anti-science camp claiming that global climate change isn’t happening and even if it is, it is not a bad thing. With this kind of pressure, I am sure that Obama isn’t going to step up to the plate. Instead, he will just say that he should and that it is important. But when the time comes to really lead on this issue, like with the health insurance issue, Obama will seek, “bipartisanship” which is the new code word for whatever the Republicans want.

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  • http://myspace.com/scott888 Scott

    While I don’t believe global warming is as dire as it is made out to be, we still need to be preventing loss of habitat, polluting the water, among other destructive things.

    But as I said before, it appears that in the US, religion serves as the tool to maintain corporate dominance of politics. It used to be that religion served political leaders in that it created a system in which peons where happy to be a simple peon.

    Now, it seems corporations are supporting religious right political leaders.

    So we have several factions that don’t work for us. governments serve corporations. Government serves churches. The military and police serve the government.

    The constitution separated the government into three powers, legislative, judicial, and executive and had a system of checks and balances. However, they did not account for the emergence of a fourth branch. The corporate branch. The corporate branch can pay for the election campaign of the president, congressman, etc, thus making the politician obligated to act in the name of the corporation, especially if they want to be reelected. Corporations can effectively choose whom they want in the executive and legislative branch which also gives them a bit of influence over the judicial branch. Who keeps the corporations in check? Why the government can but they won’t because corporations tend to keep their enemies out of offices. So the system of checks and balances is broken.

  • John

    You still don’t get it do you? You’re the ones in the minority. Not only is global warming a hoax (@$%@$^ of course I only find out after I realize my hillside rancher in Appalachia will never be beach front property) :) but so is the power of the Republican minority. Republicans don’t have enough votes to get out of their own way in either house of Congress. The problem Obama has with Cap and Trade legislation is too many of his Democrat congressman would rather get reelected than destroy the US economy over an already disproven hoax. The Earth’s temperature hasn’t increased at all in close to a decade and it’s not because of anything we’ve done to reduce pollution.

    Polluting the Earth is the exact opposite of a big business. If you’d bothered to actually do any research into environmental conditions in Russia and the old Soviet bloc or even in modern day China, you might realize that it entirely within the interests of big business to pollute less, as where else are they going to find customers if they poison them all. It is within the purview of autocratic states where you will find the most greivous environmental havoc.

    Scott, corporate branch of the Government? Is that how our Lord most Merciful the divine Barack seized control of GM? If corporations were so successful and at keeping their enemies out of office than how was it that comrade Obama managed to be coronated?

    Let me know if you ever want to have an intelligent debate instead of resorting to ridiculous strawmen.

    • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

      Yes John, proponents of global climate change are in the minority… among the majority of people. But not among the majority of scientists who have studied the issue. they have reached a strong consensus. That consensus is that the planet is heating up slightly and that human-made carbon gases are the cause. Should we be concerned since it is only a slight climate change? YES! Because with each degree, more carbon gases are released into the air and the buildup can grow exponentially.

    • http://myspace.com/scott888 Scott

      Did Tomkinson change his name to John? It has to be, considering the context of the post.

      “Scott, corporate branch of the Government? Is that how our Lord most Merciful the divine Barack seized control of GM? If corporations were so successful and at keeping their enemies out of office than how was it that comrade Obama managed to be coronated?”

      Consider that the government gave a trillion of our tax dollars to banks to bail them out. As for our auto companies, GM should have been left to die and then bought out by a successful car company from another nation so they could have utilized the empty car factories.

      Once again, what I typed in my post was a continuation of a train of thought I developed over the past weeks on previous blogs and if you had read them, you’d know how I came to the conclusion that corporations influence the nation. Think about this, corporations tend to fund one the two major political parties. In this way, a corporation is able to choose whom they want in office.

      Also, consider what Obama said he wanted to make health insurance mandatory for everybody to pay rather than having a choice to have insurance. Democrats are known for their love of the medical industry and rather than do universal health care like every other western nation he instead proposes to force everyone to be an insurance customer. This act here revealed to me that our government isn’t really operating to serve us anymore, but rather corporations because their financial power gets politicians into office.

      “Let me know if you ever want to have an intelligent debate instead of resorting to ridiculous strawmen.”

      This is a needless flame and it is a great way to make an ass of yourself. Oh, and the tactic of calling an argument a strawman is just some bullshit way to make a point out of nothing, Matt is known for pulling this stunt too.

      And global warming is happening regardless of our greenhouse gasses. I tend to not see global warming too threatening though considering that I live in a place with six months winters and live inland. There was a time when there were jungles on the poles. To utterly denying global warming though is idiotic.

  • qbsmd

    “we should stop giving mass killers the media spotlight. They don’t
    deserve it and it only inspires others to out mass kill the last one”

    Absolutely. It would be great if we could convince the media to never release their names or pictures. I’d take it a step further: anyone who commits suicide and leaves evidence that they had been planning such an attack should be considered a national hero for a week or so for having potentially saved lives.

  • Matt Cavanaugh

    Thank you for showing by example why premature speculation based on scanty facts is such a dumb idea.

    • http://skepticink.com/dangeroustalk Dangerous Talk

      Being wrong about a speculation isn’t dumb. Continuing to hold to the incorrect speculation after the facts have become known… that would be dumb. I was obviously wrong about the speculation, but I was not wrong to speculate. There is a difference.

  • http://skepticink.com/dangeroustalk Dangerous Talk

    Actually, according to the Bible the high score was set by God. But I doubt very much that the Boston Marathon bomber was trying to beat his score or Stalin’s. Show some compassion for humanity’s sake. Thanks!