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Yesterday I wrote an Examiner article about Rabbi Yehuda Levin’s claim that homosexuality caused the East Coast Earthquake. So today I was thinking about Jen McCreight’s boobs… I mean boobquake and thought maybe we need a gayquake to try to prove Rabbi Levin’s theory before we go and teach it alongside the scientific Theory of […]

God vs. The Weatherman

In some parts of the country there has been a lot of drought lately and this has caused some Christians to turn to God for rain. I also noticed a Christian post something on facebook recently about not looking at the weather forecast because the weather is in the hands of God. This got me […]

Churches Should Have to Teach Science!

I am tired of churches lobbying to pass laws that force schools to teach their religion in science classes. Sure we can fight their efforts again and again, but it is time we go on the offense. It is time we start pushing laws that force churches to teach the science  at least once a […]

Why Do Christians Hate Science?

When it comes to science, so many Christians are quick to point out how scientists don’t know everything or how science gets it all wrong. They push to put their Creationist beliefs into science classes, argue against scientific research on stem-cells, and on global climate change. They just seem to hate science. Of course, not […]

Log Cabin Atheists

Many well reasoned atheists disagree on issues of taxation, foreign policy, states rights, etc. So I can understand why not all atheists are politically active and that all the atheists that are politically active may not all be Democrats. But what I can’t understand is how any well reasoned atheist could possibly be a Republican. […]

Obama Becomes Superman

This wasn’t the topic I was planning on writing about today, but I think I would be remiss if I didn’t. President Barack Obama has already joked about being born on Krypton and talked about ridding the world of all nuclear weapons and now we has become a symbol of peace for the entire world. […]

Global Climate Change Isn’t Like Dusting Crops

Today, President Barack Obama went to the United Nations to give one of his signature speeches. This time, his speech was on the Global Climate Change problem. As always, the President was articulate and inspiring. He talked about the great threat that the world faces and even quoted John F. Kennedy. Dealing with the Global […]

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