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God vs. The Weatherman

In some parts of the country there has been a lot of drought lately and this has caused some Christians to turn to God for rain. I also noticed a Christian post something on facebook recently about not looking at the weather forecast because the weather is in the hands of God. This got me thinking, can God defy the weatherman?

We all know that meteorology is not an exact science and that often times the weather forecast calls for rain and no rain comes or vice versa. But generally speaking, we don’t see radical departures from the weather forecast. For example, no matter how much Christians pray for snow tomorrow, it is extremely unlikely that we will see snow showers in the summer months (in America at least).

According to the weather forecast, the drought in Oklahoma will continue at least for the rest of the week. While it is possible that the forecast might be off a little, it is unlikely that there will be a massive storm in Oklahoma this week. Still, people are praying for rain there. So let’s see who wins, God or the weatherman.

If God loses, then Christians have to admit that prayer doesn’t work and/or that God doesn’t exist. If the weatherman loses, atheists have to admit that we don’t know as much about the weather as we should and that we should learn more about it so that we can make better predictions.

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