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Religion’s Attempt at False Equivalency

Over the weekend, I was in my car and turned on the radio. I started listening to a re-broadcast of the Tom Hartmann program from earlier in the week. Apparently atheists have been calling in and rightfully giving him a hard time over his interview with Rick Wingrove. Hartmann continued to assert that atheism is just as much a religion as Christianity. I also received a comment from a Christian this weekend claiming that atheism is dogmatic. Both of these claims are attempts to make a false equivalency.

Basically, when religious believers make these claims, they are basically making the argument that they are rubber and we are glue and whatever we say bounces off them and sticks to us. To put it another way, they are saying, “I know you are, but what am I?”

All these attempts at false equivalency are childish and stupid. No, atheism is not a religion any more than off is a radio station. No, atheism is not dogmatic because there is no dogma. All atheism is, is a lack of believe in a deity. It is the default position. The burden of proof rests with anyone making a claim. “I don’t believe your claim” is not dogmatic. And no, it does not take more faith to be an atheist than it does to be a believer. All these popular arguments are really all the same. They are just an attempt to make a false equivalency.

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