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Google is Killing God

I once heard it said that the internet is where religions go to die. This is pretty accurate and as religious believers become less lazy they will soon realize that any question they have for atheists has already been answered. All they have to do is Google their question and pick a fairly reputable website to find their answer.

Some Christians will almost certainly use this as evidence for the validity of the Bible. You see, in the Book of Genesis, there is the story of the Tower of Babel. In the story, people work together to build a tower to heaven (implying that heaven could actually be reached by building a tower). God didn’t approve so he destroyed the tower and made it so people spoke different languages so that they couldn’t work together any more.

Now we have Google. Through Google, it is easy to translate one language to another. So some Christians will draw the parallel and no doubt claim that God predicted the rise of Google in Genesis. The problem is that Google defies God.

So for religious believers, the question isn’t that they believe, it is how long will they continue to believe in light of the accessibility of information to the contrary of their beliefs. How can they continue to believe when all their arguments for belief have been countered on the internet and can be found through Google?

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  • Ami

    Information is the antidote for superstition and dogma. Religions will not indefinitely survive the company of information on this scale.

  • Captn John

    Are you implying that Google is the atheist god? ;>)

  • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

    It depends on what you mean by god. If you mean an object of worship, then no. If you mean… well, i can’t actually think of any possible criteria in which an atheist could consider Google to be a god, so no.

  • simon

    It won’t make any difference to the hard core fundie xian wackaloons. They will just plug their ears & make lah lah lah noises. The less committed will eventually grow up – we hope!

  • http://angelsofsodom.blogspot.com Cody Dickerson

    This is nitpicky, but the internet is actually part of the reason a host of religious groups at the moment are still thriving. Mormons, Muslims, Scientologists, and more have all used the media capabilities of the internet to their own great advantage. To say the internet is where religion goes to die definitely misses out on the fact that, although there are tons of facts contradicting religion out there, it also gives believers wider networks and introduces them to a wider array of facts, photos, documents, and videos that support their own beliefs, which they would not be able to obtain while in small, dispersed communities.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Induct.BrianEpstein Christine

    Oh, come on. Fear of death and the unknown will keep religion going on forever, no matter how much information and reality is out there and in their faces.

    Religidiocy will never die, not so long as people keep dying. These poor shlubs need to think they “go” somewhere other than into the ground to rot.

    Enough fear will pwn logic and truth every time.

  • Russell La Claire

    Christine is right. Evidence has nothing to do with it at all. The folks who “believe” will not/cannot handle not continuing on in some form. Oh well. I’m Happy without god.

  • http://asystemofrandomtangents.wordpress.com/ ConfirmedSkeptic81

    “Religidiocy” = Love it!