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Proof The Easter Bunny is Real!

Yeah, you heard me; I can prove that the Easter Bunny is real! You see that tree outside? There you go. People live in houses, right? So if you see a house, that is proof that people exist. The Easter Bunny lives in a tree, so if you see a tree that is proof that the Easter Bunny is real. You are just closing your eyes to the Truth.

That is the type of ridiculous arguments I get from Christians every day. These arguments don’t make sense and that are completely unconvincing and yet so many Christians use this shit.

From the obviously stupid and possibly retarded red neck interviewed on TV to well established evangelicals like Ray comfort, this argument is probably the go-to argument for Christians. So I guess my question of the day is, “what is our go-to argument?” If you could make only one argument to start a religious believer down the path of doubt, what would it be?

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