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Proof The Easter Bunny is Real!

Yeah, you heard me; I can prove that the Easter Bunny is real! You see that tree outside? There you go. People live in houses, right? So if you see a house, that is proof that people exist. The Easter Bunny lives in a tree, so if you see a tree that is proof that the Easter Bunny is real. You are just closing your eyes to the Truth.

That is the type of ridiculous arguments I get from Christians every day. These arguments don’t make sense and that are completely unconvincing and yet so many Christians use this shit.

From the obviously stupid and possibly retarded red neck interviewed on TV to well established evangelicals like Ray comfort, this argument is probably the go-to argument for Christians. So I guess my question of the day is, “what is our go-to argument?” If you could make only one argument to start a religious believer down the path of doubt, what would it be?

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  • Scott

    Tricking a christian into reading the bible is a good tactic. Also, how about the Adam and Eve story. Why was the biggest sin eating from the tree of knowledge? Because in order for people to accept the bible, they have to reject reason and instead embrace faith. The snake was the symbol of wisdom back in the old days and they made the snake into an evil character in that story, even though all he did was pass wisdom. This is the Achilles’s heel of the bible.

    When this story and a few other stories have their true purpose revealed, doubt begins. Babel’s tower taught the early believers that your government doesn’t have to spend fortune to build monuments to the religion (like the Egyptians made pyramids). The stories of Abraham create a false history in which Israel was built off of a man that followed God and while Abraham was less than perfect, he was God’s favorite and anyone who crossed him got smited! Thus, giving kings a license to do what they please. All the rules about sex had the intention of population growth, so the Israel army also had new blood. The bible only makes sense when you consider what the greater purpose of it was (and that was to mind control).

    But break the first story, and it might be just enough to break the rest of the story.

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  • Kevin Walter

    Just ask them if this is right. Jesus Christ was the son of god and another man`s wife,true? His mother,Mary,was 14 when she gave birth,so then by today`s standards Jesus was the illigitimate bastard stepson of a paedophile.Is this correct?

  • dlevitt

    Do you really believe in God, or just the moral of the story?

  • Kevin Walter

    If we are all god`s children what`s so special about jesus?

  • http://andrewtheatheist.reasonblogs.org Andrew

    How is faith different from delusion?

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  • Swalter2001

    thanks i am a christen and u are a bastard and u know it so there u go the easter bunny is not real

    • http://twitter.com/DangerousTalk Staks Rosch

      I just proved to you that the Easter Bunny is real. People live in houses; so if you see a house, that is proof that people are real. Easter Bunnies live in trees; so if you see a tree, that is proof that the Easter Bunny is real. Checkmate!