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Christians Fear The Internet!

It was just a few weeks ago that a Christian commented to me that, “The internet has actually worsened god’s world because science is spread quicker than the truth.” And now Christian apologist Josh McDowell has pretty much come out and said the same thing… to an audience of Christians no less.

I love these comments from Christians because it is an acknowledgment that the spread of knowledge is a threat to their worldview of make-believe. Yeah, there is a lot of crap on the internet and so it is no surprise that religions like Christianity and Scientology have websites and forums to continue to spread their bullshit. However, there is the difference; they are no longer the only preacher in the room. In fact, not only are there other preachers in the room, but now there are scientists, historians, and actual experts sharing the stage too.

The Christian preacher now has to sound more rational than the Scientologist and the actual rational scientists. As each religion stakes their claim on the Truth, people can compare those claims to other religious wackos and observe how similar they all are and that there is no actual evidence for any of it.

Plus, there are a lot more websites that support unbiased reporting of reality and that only helps the create more atheists. People can doubt privately and research their doubts privately without arousing too much attention from their religious leaders. Then, when they are ready, they can ask their religious leaders well informed questions which their religious leaders don’t have the answers.

McDowell’s advice helps the spread of reason and critical thinking even more when he tells parents to always have an answer to whatever question is raised. He doesn’t however tell parents to have the right answers, just an answer. This of course is a problem for religion which has a hard time admitting that they don’t know an answer (except if it has to do with why God did something obviously immoral).

I am glad Christians are learning that the internet really is where religions go to die.

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