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Thoughts About The Arizona Shootings

Over the weekend, everyone was asking for prayers for those injured and killed in the Arizona shootings. As a person of reason, I cannot give any prayers because I don’t believe there is anyone to answer them. But I do wish to share my thoughts and hopes. As a progressive Democrat, I don’t always agree […]

On Aliens and Teabaggers

Professor Stephen Hawking recently stated that aliens almost certainly exist and that it is probably unwise for humans to attempt to contact them at this time. Sure, in the context of his Discovery Channel television series such a statement seems innocent enough, but what the smartest man on the planet didn’t foresee was that every […]

Log Cabin Atheists

Many well reasoned atheists disagree on issues of taxation, foreign policy, states rights, etc. So I can understand why not all atheists are politically active and that all the atheists that are politically active may not all be Democrats. But what I can’t understand is how any well reasoned atheist could possibly be a Republican. […]

Sarah Palin Expects the Apocalypse Soon

It seems that Sarah Palin’s 15 minutes of fame is not up just yet. It is pretty well established that she was picked to be the 2008 Republican Vice-Presidential candidate largely due to her strong fundamentalist views. The McCain campaign had hoped to get the Religious Right energized about his campaign through her. While McCain […]

American’s Next Top Stupid Republican

The Republicans really do need a game show. It used to be that Republicans just had a token stupid person in office like former Vice-President Dan Quayle but that just wasn’t stupid enough. So then the Republicans elected America’s stupidest President, George W. Bush. Some Republicans however claimed that Bush Jr. was actually a secret […]

No Intelligence Allowed

While intelligence is no guarantee that someone knows what they are talking about, the fact is that statistics show that the more educated someone is the less likely they are to 1. Vote Republican and 2. Believe in a personified deity. Conversely, the less educated someone is the more likely they are to vote Republican […]

Please Sarah Palin, Sue Me!

We have all heard that the holier than thou Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, announced that she will be resigning from the office of Governor in three weeks for apparently no reason. Her press conference was wildly unfocused, vague, and left more questions than answers. This of course has lead to tons of rumors and […]

Letterman Chases Palin Out of Office

Over the Independence Day weekend, Governor Sarah Palin announced her early retirement from the Governor’s position with a year and a half still left in her term. There has been much speculation on why she would do this when she is also raising money for a possible race to the White House. Palin’s announcement was […]

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