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If We Don’t, Who Will?

Religious believers often try to defend the ridiculousness of God’s commands in the Bible by asking me, “Who are you to question God?” Who am I indeed? I think the question I would like them to answer is, “If we don’t question God, who will?” Now of course God is fictional and so it really […]

Death Makes Life More Meaningful

Religious believers seem to think that if life is finite, then life is meaningless. As an atheist, I think the opposite is true. The very fact that life is finite is the very thing that makes life meaningful. If we had eternal life, then what would be the point of it? We strive and work […]

Religious Forgiveness vs. Secular Forgiveness

I was listening to a video yesterday in which a Christian preacher was talking about forgiveness. It always fascinates me when religious believers talk on this subject. This video was no exception. So I thought today I would compare religious forgiveness with my view of secular forgiveness. The context of the video was Reverend Creflo […]

The Responsibility of Religious Leaders

Many religious leaders have educated themselves a good deal in the history of their religion. I find that the more people learn about religion the less literal they take their holy books. However, there is a divide between the intellectual religious leaders and the common practitioners. What I mean here is that many religious leaders […]

Live Everyday As If It Were Our Last

With all the talk about the Rapture lately, one Christian sent me a message saying that he believes Harold Camping was wrong, but that the lesson we should learn is that we ought to live everyday as if it were our last. He says that this is the message Jesus was trying to send with […]

Christian Personal Responsibility

Right wing Christians love to talk about people should take personal responsibility for themselves. This usually is in reference to when minority is being persecuted. Whenever I heard this type of thing from them, I can’t help but laugh. Of all the people in the entire world the one group that is God bent on […]

Thoughts About The Arizona Shootings

Over the weekend, everyone was asking for prayers for those injured and killed in the Arizona shootings. As a person of reason, I cannot give any prayers because I don’t believe there is anyone to answer them. But I do wish to share my thoughts and hopes. As a progressive Democrat, I don’t always agree […]

Playing God

Whenever someone makes a life and death decision, there will be a theist around to claim that someone is “playing God.” The thing is that when it is a life or death decision, we aren’t playing. Unlike theists, atheists view this life as the only life we have. We don’t view life as a game […]

Devil’s Due

Image via Wikipedia A number of years ago, I met a young Christian who was telling me his story about how he used to be addicted to drugs, alcohol, and sex. He told me that his life was spiraling out of control and no one he could do could save him. Then along came Jesus […]

The Abortion Issue

As many people in the greater atheist community know, Angie the Anti-Theist has just gotten an abortion. She has been blogging and tweeting her experiences during the process. When I was younger, there was a short period of time in which I considered myself pro-life. But during my early college days I had more than […]

Secular Family Values Groups

Over the weekend, I was driving in the Washington DC area and came across two interesting billboards. On the surface, I thought these billboards were put up by religious groups because of what there message appeared to be. I was wrong and the messages were much better than I assumed they were. Here are the […]

Benefit of the Doubt

I have noticed that often times when I am discussing and/or debating Christians they assume the worst about me and my arguments. This I think is a symptom of their belief that humans are all evil sinners. It is hard to have a friendly conversation with someone who won’t give you the benefit of the […]

God Only Gives Us What We Can Handle

Whenever someone is in a difficult time in life or is dealing with difficult circumstances, religious people are quick to push their religious beliefs. They often say something like, “God only gives us what we can handle.” While I understand that the believer has the best of intentions and I understand that the message they […]

Defriended for Disbelief

There have been quite a few people who have told me that valued friends and family members have defriended them on one of the many social networking sites like facebook or myspace because they posted atheistic opinions. While I am pretty open about my lack of belief in ancient superstitions, I do have some theistic […]

The God Shaped Hole

One of my issues with the Abrahamic religions is that it doesn’t just focus on the ridiculous belief in an all-powerful supernatural being, but that they demand that we worship this imaginary being (often times in some strange and interesting ways). A popular argument that some fundamentalist believers use is that humans were created (by […]

Vicarious Redemption of Sin

A lot of times I talk about the immorality of Christianity. Most of the time, Christians and even a few atheists jump to defend Christianity by talking about various good deeds particular Christians have done and continue to do. But I wasn’t talking about Christians being immoral; I was talking about Christianity being immoral. What […]

Rejecting Responsibility

An argument that I hear a lot from Fundamentalist Christians is that atheists reject God because we love sin and don’t want the responsibility of living a “Godly Life.” Of course this is a ridiculous argument because it assumes that atheists really do believe in the Christian God, but just don’t want to admit it […]

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