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Scientology Offers Free Food To The Hungry

The Church of Scientology of New York is offering free food to the hungry for every Facebook “like” they get on their Facebook page. Aren’t they charitable? Go “like” their page, because it shouldn’t matter where we’re feeding the hungry, just that we ARE feeding them, right? Except that it does matter. Who has read […]

Internal Governors

I was having a conversation with my wife the other day about how atheists tend to be less outspoken about our views than religious believers… even very outspoken atheists like me. We both agreed that atheists usually have an internal governor which helps us to determine when it is appropriate to talk about our lack […]

Fundamentalists in Disguise

Every once in a while, I find a fundamentalist pretending to be an atheist or at the very least they are trying to fool atheists into coming to their website. The one that comes to mind most is Mariano Grinbank. His website is called, “TrueFreethinker.com” Grinbank also writes for Examiner as the “Christian Apologetics Examiner.” […]

Pushing Beliefs: Atheists vs. Theists

Over the last few years, atheists have been putting up billboards, bus ads, and even aerial banners. Most of these have been pretty tame by any standard and if you compare them to the billboards of the religious, they are extremely tame. Yet, despite this obvious fact, we get criticism for “pushing our beliefs…” or […]

The Certainty Trap

Christians have created a little trap for people of reason. It is a way they can attack us for whatever answer we give. It is an interesting new rhetoric that I am starting to hear them use more and more. I will call it “The Certainty Trap.” First they start out with the whole, “it […]

9/11 Cross Controversy

For some reason the question of whether or not the 17 foot tall 9/11 Cross should go into a federally funded museum has become a controversy within the atheist community. It has actually gotten pretty heated and I have taken the obvious position that Christians have over stepped their bounds and are once again trying […]

Atheist Evangelist is Coming to DVD…

Sam Singleton, Atheist Evangelist is Coming to DVD… with your help. If you are not familiar with Brother Sam, he is a character played by Roger Scott Jackson. Rosco travels around the country performing a one man comedy show. His main show is called Patriarchs and Penises. I have seen the show twice and it […]

The Responsibility of Religious Leaders

Many religious leaders have educated themselves a good deal in the history of their religion. I find that the more people learn about religion the less literal they take their holy books. However, there is a divide between the intellectual religious leaders and the common practitioners. What I mean here is that many religious leaders […]

Religious Groups Mobilize to use Japan for Publicity

This really gets old, but once again religious groups are putting lots of money toward using the earthquakes in Japan as a public relations stunt. Sure, there are helping the people there too, but they are doing it mainly out of a need to promote their ridiculous beliefs. I remember seeing the commercials on television […]

For Christians, It Is Always a Good Time to Proselytize

In the wake of the Arizona shootings, a facebook page was created called, “Thoughts and Prayers for Rep. Giffords & Other Victims.” I actually don’t have a problem with this particular page even though it calls for prayers it also calls for thoughts. This to me is an acknowledgment that not everyone prays. However, Christians […]

My New Favorite Christian

Despite the fact that I strongly disagree with Christians on the nature of reality and I think that Christianity is the most dangerous force humanity has ever known I have nothing against Christians as people. It isn’t their fault they have been so fooled by the Christian system. Because no two Christians are the same, […]

The Counter-Attack Carpet Bomb Argument

Today, I am continuing this series with an e-mail using the carpet bombing strategy on the Christians for a change. My bet is that most Christians won’t even attempt to address these issues and will simply reply with a “Jesus loves you” or a “I’m praying for you” type of response. Dear Christian, I am […]

Preemptive Carpet Bombing Arguments

Yesterday, I talked about how Christians sometimes carpet bomb with arguments praying that at least one of them sticks. Today, I want to make a preemptive strike that can be used when a Christian starts their carpet bombing of piss poor arguments. Of course there are many more arguments than I can put into one […]

The End of the World is Almost Here

Over the weekend, I went to the geek convention known as Wizard World. When we were leaving the convention there were a lot of people handing out fliers for their comics, art, bands, websites, etc. There was also a woman handing out religious pamphlets. I of course took one, but didn’t have the time to […]

Letter to Stephen Baldwin

Tomorrow (Saturday), I will be attending the Wizard World comic and sci-fi convention in Philadelphia. I attend this convention every year because I love sci-fi. This year I have learned the Stephen Baldwin will be at the convention. Stephen is the fundamentalist Christian Baldwin. So I thought I would write him a letter and hand […]

The Enthusiasm of Youth

Often times I get a lot of e-mails from Christians who are eager to prove their God. These particular Christians tend to be fundamentalists and seem to be under the impression that I must have never heard any arguments for their position and have never really heard the story of Jesus. These particular Christians tend […]

Tithing for Reason

One of the big advantages that religion has over the greater atheist/Humanist community is money. Christians are used to supporting and funding the propagation of their message. Many Christians even donate “their last dollar” to further “God’s Work.” In this world, money talks and so we need to start tithing for reason. In the free […]

Film Review: Severe Clear

There are many movies about war and films like Platoon, Apocalypse Now, and Full Metal Jacket are among the finest fiction Hollywood has produced dealing with the subject. Severe Clear is not just a film about war; it is a war on film. Before I get too far into this review, I have something that […]

The Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

One of the issues that I have with the Christian system of belief is that it is very pessimistic. The attitude that it encourages is an attitude of distrust and fear. While none of this speaks to the truth value of the claims, I really don’t think it is a useful system either. At the […]

The ‘Real Men Love Jesus’ Bumper Sticker

The other day I was behind a car that had a bumper sticker that stated, “Real Men Love Jesus” among other bumper stickers that were sufficiently fundamentalist Christian. Well, I guess I am not a real man according to that Christians. Oh well. The thing is that this bumper sticker brings up a few issues. […]

Dusting Off Old Arguments as New

A common theme that I run into when discussing religion with Christians (particularly fundamentalist Christians), is that they will often bring up old arguments which have long since been refuted as if they are some new revelation. These Christians often boast about how knowledgeable and thoughtful they are and yet they don’t seem to realize […]

Jehovah’s Witnesses vs. Staks: Round One

Last weekend two young Jehovah’s Witnesses knocked on my door. While most people would probably slam the door in their faces, I was happy to engage them in conversation. These two young women were probably college aged and they were happy to talk about their religion. When they asked if they could talk to me […]

Missed Opportunities With Jehovah’s Witnesses

I have been a vocal atheist for a long time and have had long and in depth conversations with people of  many different sects of various religions. Christianity is of course the most prevalent religion in America and I have talked to many Christian sects. But until recently, I had never talked to a Jehovah’s […]

Christians Can’t Sin

I hear Christians tell me all the time that they are the true Christians and that other people who claim to be Christians but don’t agree with them one hundred percent are not true Christians. It’s the old “No True Scotsman” argument. Well, I searched the Bible and found that there is one very clear […]

Why Do Christians Bother to Proselytize?

It seems to me that Christians who proselytize are actually making a case against their position. Their claim is that their deity of choice is all-powerful and wants everyone to worship him but can’t seem to convince people on his own. God seems to need the Christian to proselytize. Why would such an all-powerful deity […]

Jesus was an Asshole

Christians seem to have the greatest public relations department. Even many atheists seem to think that Jesus was some white guy with a long beard who wandered the Middle East trying to bring about world peace. According to the Bible, Jesus was a real asshole. Sure everyone knows about the golden rule and the character […]


Ever since I was in college I have had evangelical Christians coming to my door to “witness” to me. Many of these evangelicals like to tell me about how they became “saved,” “Born again,” or whatever other cult-term they come up with. I like when they tell me about their story. It is a perfect […]

A Tribute to a Fallen Televangelist

I am sure by now everyone is aware of the death of evangelical televangelist Oral Roberts. The man was a legend. He was considered by many to be the father of televangelism and the inspiration for Jerry Falwell and James Dobson. Last night I wrote my very polite and politically correct perspective on his death […]

The Lie of Taking God Out of Schools

Fundamentalist Christians constantly say that God has been banned from public school.  That is a lie. God has not been “banned” from public schools at all. If a child wants to pray to God, Jesus, Allah, Xenu, or Ringo Star before, during, or even after a test, they are absolutely free to do so. While […]

The Way of the Master

Christian evangelist Ray Comfort is known for his use of fear as a tool to gain converts. While he is not the only one by a long shot who uses this tool, he is one of the more notable culprits. Comfort and his completely straight heterosexual partner Kirk Cameron (aka Mike Seaver from Growing Pains) […]

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