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The Moral Goal

Christians often ask atheists about the purpose of life. But I think a better question is what is the purpose of our morality? On this question, the divide between Christians and atheists couldn’t be wider. For Christians, morality amounts to God’s whim, while for atheists morality is about the well-being of sentient creatures. Christians tend […]

Religious Bullying

I was reading a friend’s blog yesterday and one of the things she experiences seemed similar to what I recently experienced in relation to my friend’s funeral. We were both bullied into silence and forced to hide our lack of belief in the ridiculous. As it turns out, most people in the greater community of […]

Preemptive Carpet Bombing Arguments

Yesterday, I talked about how Christians sometimes carpet bomb with arguments praying that at least one of them sticks. Today, I want to make a preemptive strike that can be used when a Christian starts their carpet bombing of piss poor arguments. Of course there are many more arguments than I can put into one […]

Corrupting Force of Christianity

It is my view that the Christian belief system is a corrupting force to society to individual humanity. This is not a criticism of people who are Christian necessarily, but it is a criticism of the system of belief that such people subscribe to. This system of belief has taken on a life of its […]

The Christian Car Bomb Argument

A popular argument taught to fundamentalist college students is what I like to call the Christian Car Bomb Argument. The beauty of this argument is that it can be used to justify the most despicable actions in the name of love. It basically turns morality on its head. The argument may vary in many of […]

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