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Conversations with Progressive Christians

Over the weekend, I seem to have gotten into a few conversations with various progressive Christians. These are Christians who take their faith seriously, but who tend to focus more on poverty issues than the culture war issues. They are the so called, “good cops.” First, I got into a conversation with the progressive Christians […]

Heaven or Hell

There are lots of different types of believers in the Abrahamic God and they all have different reason for why they believe. But at the end of the day, whenever they are advocating for belief it almost always comes down to the carrot and the stick. Belief basically amounts to a threat of eternal torture […]

The Fifth Horseman

After 9/11, four atheists started to write books criticizing religion. While the media has dubbed these atheists “New Atheists,” Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Daniel Dennett have jokingly labeled themselves as “The Four Horsemen of Atheism.” Now I think there is a fifth horseman, Stephen Hawking. At the beginning of the month, Stephen […]

Why Do Atheists Often Take The Bible Literally?

I got a message today from a fellow atheist asking why so many atheists take a literal view of the Bible rather than argue the Bible from a more metaphorical position. I think it is a fair question to some degree. For starters, here in America we tend to run into a large number of […]

Corrupting Force of Christianity

It is my view that the Christian belief system is a corrupting force to society to individual humanity. This is not a criticism of people who are Christian necessarily, but it is a criticism of the system of belief that such people subscribe to. This system of belief has taken on a life of its […]

Atheist Good Cop/Bad Cop Game

We all know that there are a wide range of people who believe very different things and yet all call themselves Christians. Some Christians are the Good Cop Christians, some are the Bad Cop Christians, and some are somewhere in between. The thing with atheists is that atheism is a term that describes a lack […]

Christian Good Cop/Bad Cop Game

I remember watching those old police movies in which two police officers are interrogating a suspect and one police officer pretends to be this over the top, loud, angry, and erratic cop threatening the guy with the worst treatment possible if he doesn’t cooperate while the other cop pretends to care about the guy and […]

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