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Another Example of Christian Arrogance

Earlier this week, Gore Videl died. For those who don’t know, he was a giant intellectual and a vocal atheist. I wrote about his death on Examiner and some Christian had to chime in on it in the comments section. She writes: “It’s so sad to me to realize the genius of Gore Vidal yet […]

The Goal

I was watching a short-lived British sci-fi show yesterday and there was a conversation between a religious leader and an atheist. The religious leader asked what the atheist is hopeful toward. What does he have to look forward to? The atheist jokingly said, “Dinner.” Obviously, he was joking because if he were really serious, he […]

In Memory of Joe Fox

The community of reason has lost a great activist and leader over the weekend. Joe Fox worked and led various Humanist groups in the Philadelphia/Lehigh Valley area. He was a hands-on kind of guy and was one of the hardest workers I knew. The reports I have heard are that he probably died sometime on […]

God Hired a Hit Man

I was reading an article this morning about the mother of one of the Virginia Tech victims five years after the shooting. The mother was extremely religious and when her daughter died, she said that she stopped talking to God for a while but she recently started to talk to God again because God told […]

Hitchens Has Risen!

On Sunday, I was on the Twitter and saw that some of the atheists that I am following had experienced a miracle. It turns out that Christopher Hitchens was seen alive three days after he died of cancer. The evidence is clear, Hitchen has risen! People tweeted about seeing an empty coffin and others saw […]

The Remarkable Mr. Hitchens

I had an entirely different blog post in mind for today, but sadly that will have to wait until next week. Sadly, Christopher Hitchens has died and that is something that needs talking about because he was such a remarkable person. Late last night, when I heard the news I posted an Examiner article on […]

I’m Waiting To Die

Earlier this week, I wrote about how religious believers often seem like they are just waiting to die and that this world is just a doorway into the next world. For many Christians, this world only purpose is to serve God by proselytizing until the end comes. But now, when a Christians comes to proselytize […]

Waiting to Die

One of the most common statements religious believers make toward atheists is that without the promise of everlasting life, our lives must be meaningless. Quite frankly, I think it is reversed. It seems to me that most religious believers are so focused on their afterlife that they go around this life just waiting to die. […]

Speculating Lennon

Thirty-one years ago today, musician and activist John Lennon was shot and killed. I wonder what he would be doing if he were alive today. Aside from the awesome music which might have been made, what would Lennon’s activism look like in today’s world? For starters, he would almost certainly be a large voice supporting […]

Soul Murderer

Over the years, I have helped to de-convert many people away from religion. One would think that if the religious really believed what they claim to believe then they would consider me to be a worse criminal than most serial killers. A murderer takes away someone’s life, but I have taken away people’s eternal afterlife. […]

Funeral Dilemma

A friend of mine died recently. When I first met him, he was a Christian. However, he also had a strong analytic mind and so it didn’t take long for him to research the questions I posed to him. As a result, he de-converted. He told me once or twice about his really religious family. […]

Dogmatic About Death

Last week, when I was at the Silverman/D’souza debate, Dinesh D’souza accused David Silverman of being dogmatic about his “belief” concerning death. Silverman asserted that there is no afterlife. He later walked back his assertion to say that we know that to the degree that we can know anything. But the thing that gets me […]

Christians Stole Death

Over the weekend, one of my college friends died. He was a young guy and would occasionally comment on my facebook wall when I was discussing politics. While he might have denied it, I claim him as the first person I deconverted away from Christianity. What I realized however is that much of the words […]

Death Makes Life More Meaningful

Religious believers seem to think that if life is finite, then life is meaningless. As an atheist, I think the opposite is true. The very fact that life is finite is the very thing that makes life meaningful. If we had eternal life, then what would be the point of it? We strive and work […]

Ryan Dunn Remembered

While most people know Ryan Dunn from his association with the Jackass movies, I know him from his staring role in a small film called Haggard. Haggard was a film made by Bam Margera. The movie was filmed in West Chester, PA where both Bam and Ryan live. At the time the movie was filmed, […]

If Jesus Conquered Death, Where Is He Now?

Christians often tell me that Jesus conquered death. They tell me that this is what makes him the real deal. But if this is the definitive “proof” that Jesus is the real deal, then where is he? If he really conquered death in the manner that Christians claim, then he should be walking around the […]

The Death of Osama bin Laden

Ladies and gentlemen, we got him! Lately I have been pretty hard on our President, but I have to say that he deserves a good deal of credit for this and for other huge victories in the “war on terror.” Still, it would have been much better had we captured Osama bin Laden alive and […]

Another Challenge for an Atheist

My friend Greg is former Harold Camping follower and still one of the most fundamentalist Christian I know. He is the type of person who doesn’t really listen to what you are saying and just regurgitates the standard arguments as if they are brand new. Yesterday, he e-mailed me a “challenge.” The catch of the […]

Theists, Life Has No Meaning For You!

A lot of fundamentalist religious believers are fond of telling me that life has no means to me when they don’t even know anything about me except for my lack of belief in their deity of choice. Aside from the arrogance of such a claim, it is also completely false. Theists should be careful with […]

Heaven or Hell

There are lots of different types of believers in the Abrahamic God and they all have different reason for why they believe. But at the end of the day, whenever they are advocating for belief it almost always comes down to the carrot and the stick. Belief basically amounts to a threat of eternal torture […]

Film Review: Severe Clear

There are many movies about war and films like Platoon, Apocalypse Now, and Full Metal Jacket are among the finest fiction Hollywood has produced dealing with the subject. Severe Clear is not just a film about war; it is a war on film. Before I get too far into this review, I have something that […]

The Deathbed De-Conversion of Antony Flew

When I was in grad school, I was already a vocal atheist and was pretty knowledgeable about the greater atheist community. One day a fundamentalist Christian friend of mine was excited to tell me that the most famous atheist in the world had just converted to Christianity. Antony Flew was so famous that I had […]

The Atheist Jesus

Christians are always telling me about how crucifixion was the worst way for someone to be killed and that this somehow makes Jesus such a great guy/god for knowingly walking into such a painful death. This, many Christians claim is “The Passion” of Christianity. I just have to laugh. I know that the alleged crucifixion […]

Know The Lord

I recently overheard a very disturbing conversation. One woman was very upset because her friend was on his deathbed due to cancer. She was telling her friend about it and her friend asked her if the dying friend “knew the Lord.” I was just overhearing this conversation and it wouldn’t be polite for me to […]

Science Doesn’t have the Answers

I was listening to Christian apologist Dinesh D’Souza recently. He made an interesting argument in which he claimed that science didn’t have the answers to three very important questions. 1. Where did we come from? 2. What is the point of our lives? 3. Where are we going? The first question science is working on. […]

Deathbed Conversion of Jesus

If you ask fundamentalist Christians, they will tell you that many well known atheists in history have had deathbed conversions to Christianity. Among the names that I have heard from Christians include Voltaire, Sartre, Mark Twain, Thomas Paine, and of course Charles Darwin. Of course, these well known freethinkers never really had a deathbed conversion. […]

Dead is Dead

Yesterday, I posted an article on Examiner about near-death experiences. As it turns out, science can explain the experiences that many people have in this regard which tends to lead many people to believe in an afterlife and God. This article got a conversation going with a few people who wrote to me telling me […]

Who Will Be The Next Ted Kennedy?

Last night, the Lion of the Senate Ted Kennedy died. This was all over the news and he was in poor health for the last few months. Ted was the last of the 3 great Kennedy brothers. Being in the Senate for over 40 years, Kennedy had a hand in many of the great progressive […]

The Selfishness of Heaven

When we hear about Islamic suicide bombers, the first thing we generally think of is the promise of 72 virgins. While most Americans laugh at this and think to themselves about how ridiculous it is that some people believe that God will give them 72 virgins if they die correctly, I look at this and […]

The End of Days is Near!

I first became aware of this worlds impending doom from my friend Greg in college. It was through him that I learned that the world was going to end on September 23rd 1994. He heard it through preacher and radio mogul Harold Camping. Of course that day has now passed and we are all still […]

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