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Atheists are Sci-fi/Fantasy Fans

So this weekend, I went to Wizard World. Wizard World is a comic book/sci-fi/fantasy convention. Before I went there, I was thinking about how most atheists are fans of this type of thing. Don’t get me wrong, theists tend to be fans of fantasy too. The difference is that they don’t realize it is fantasy. […]

What’s The Difference Between Jedi and Christians?

While atheism is a label used to define what I don’t believe, I sometimes talk about my beliefs in Humanism and Star Wars. In fact, I take my Star Wars very seriously (you can ask my wife). With that in mind, an old college friend recently asked me the following question: How are those that […]

May The Fourth Be With You!

May is a holy month for us Jedi, every Star Wars film premiered during the month of May with the original film premiering on May 25th (the official Star Wars Day). However, May 4th is also a day of celebration. May 4th is a play on the Star Wars greeting of “May the Force be […]

If Jesus Conquered Death, Where Is He Now?

Christians often tell me that Jesus conquered death. They tell me that this is what makes him the real deal. But if this is the definitive “proof” that Jesus is the real deal, then where is he? If he really conquered death in the manner that Christians claim, then he should be walking around the […]

Arguing With Emotion

Often times I use emotion and passion in my arguments. I find that when dealing with theists, this generally works best. But I think it is important to remain unemotional while doing it. To put it another way, one can argue with emotion while remaining unemotional. People (especially religious people) tend to be swayed by […]

Happy Star Wars Day

Christians often tell me that as an atheist I must believe in nothing. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Atheism refers to what I don’t believe in, but doesn’t say anything about I do believe in. So when asked, tell them that I believe in Star Wars. Today is Star Wars Day. On May […]

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