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Atheists are Sci-fi/Fantasy Fans

So this weekend, I went to Wizard World. Wizard World is a comic book/sci-fi/fantasy convention. Before I went there, I was thinking about how most atheists are fans of this type of thing. Don’t get me wrong, theists tend to be fans of fantasy too. The difference is that they don’t realize it is fantasy. Okay, that was a cheap shot. ;-)

Seriously though, I have found that pretty much every atheist I know is a fan of superheros/sci-i/fantasy. In fact, many sci-fi themes tend to even be anti-religious themes. There are at least two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation that are direct attacks against religion at pretty much all of Stargate is a direct attack on religion. Superman at first seems to have religious overtones, but upon careful inspection it too has a decidedly humanist message (at least that was the case with the film Superman Returns). Batman is walking preacher for education, learning, and skepticism.

I guess my point is that these types of conventions are prefect places to reach out to other atheists and bring them into the greater community of reason. At the end of July, the Philadelphia Coalition of Reason is having our annual Unity Picnic and so I thought I would drop off some fliers for the event at the Wizard World convention. I think that is the perfect place to advertise and I hope it helps to get new members for some of the Philly atheist groups.

I think in the future, it might be fun to even staff a table at the convention or something. I am curious to know I other atheists have found a similar correlation as I have between these the sci-fi/fantasy world and atheism. Let me know.

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  • http://www.examiner.com/atheism-in-norfolk Kenneth Montville

    It certainly seems that way doesn’t it? I know that there is a skeptic track at Dragon Con every year and it seems that American Freethought and Skepticality are typically both in attendance.

    I think with sci-fi it is because science fiction is based in science reality, and being a group that generally accepts science as legitimate we can enjoy the toying around “what if” questions. As for fantasy, well, perhaps we are all just nerds hahahahahahaha.

    I saw the pics you posted yesterday, it looked fun.

  • http://www.theanticatheist.wordpress.com Lee Sherman

    Your post reminded me of the scene in Star Trek VI where Spock refers to a bible story as “ancient Earth mythology.” Love that line!