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May The Fourth Be With You!

May is a holy month for us Jedi, every Star Wars film premiered during the month of May with the original film premiering on May 25th (the official Star Wars Day). However, May 4th is also a day of celebration.

May 4th is a play on the Star Wars greeting of “May the Force be with you.” Both the month of May (already sacred due to Star Wars Day) and the substitution of “Fourth” for “Force” and we have yet another Star Wars Day.

I take my Star Wars very seriously and consider it one of the religions that I believe in. Unlike the Abrahamic religious believers I am aware that my religion is based on fiction, but I find a great deal of wisdom in the Star Wars story.

However, I should point out that for those god-believers who assert that their religion is not based on fiction, I will point out that they cannot actually prove that Star Wars is fiction either. You can’t prove that Luke Skywalker didn’t really live a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Were you there? How can you prove that it isn’t historically accurate then? It takes more faith to not believe in the Force, etc. etc. Insert you favorite ridiculous religious argument here.

Still, there is something about the story that we can all learn from. The Star Wars Saga is filled with wisdom, morality, and life lessons. It is a story of redemption, sacrifice, life, death, love, and loss. It explores politics, the difficulties of war, and the complacency of peace.

So to all my fellow Jedi, May the Fourth be with you!

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