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Today is a National Day of Something

Religious fundamentalists tend to be a politically conservative which is actually pretty funny considering that political conservatives whine about big government all the time and religious fundamentalist love to use big government to push their religion every chance they get. For the last 60 years, they have used the power of big government to declare today the National Day of Prayer.

Now, their influence is waning. Atheists are fighting back. There are a few great articles that I have written for Examiner.com that I think we need to spread around today. The most recent article, “Reason and prayer battle for America” just deals with the basic fight. Admittedly, it isn’t my best article.

Last year however, I posted an article, “On Faith: National day of prayer and masturbation,” that deals with the idea of creating a National Day of Masturbation on the same day as the National Day of Prayer. I think that is a great meme to spread around in addition to the National Day of Reason. We should use multiple angles of attack here. The National Day of Masturbation is a little more aggressive and combative while the National Day of Reason is more the peace and love angle.

Then there is the skeptical angle. “Atheism 101: Can prayer heal the sick?” addresses the bare bones bullshit of prayer. Still, there is also another hard hitting angle to explore when dealing with prayer itself. The fact is that prayer can actually be deadly. Not only can prayer not heal the sick, it can cause people to die. Prayer kills! Here is the perfect example: “Prayer death case: Parents found guilty.

So today, please help to spread these memes all over the internets. It would also be great if you could pass these articles around facebook, twitter, reddit/atheism, digg, etc. I would greatly appreciate that.

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