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Atheist Advice

When I was an undergraduate in Philosophy, I had a strong interest in Psychology as well. In fact Psychology was one of the fields on my short list for majors. When I started the Dangerous Talk radio show, one of the formats I toyed around with was a call-in advice show; sort of a Dr. Laura of the atheist community.

There are still a lot of closeted atheists out there and there are many atheists who have either just come out of the closet or have been outed. Main atheists have to deal with issues related to how vocal they should be about their non-belief and how much they should challenge rules and social conventions that are discriminatory.

Now that I have been promoted to a National Atheist Examiner, I would like to start a new series of articles in a “Dear Abby” type format. My plan is to do this every once in a while with issues that I think are common among atheists. It certainly won’t be every article but I would like to shoot for a once or twice a month type thing. The frequency of the “Atheist Advice” articles will mainly be determined by the quality, amount, and relevance of the letters I receive. With that in mind, I want to ask you to send me some letters!

Oh, and if you were subscribed to me as the Philly Atheist Examiner, please subscribe to me again as the National Atheist Examiner.

You can e-mail your letter to me at DangerousTalk@gmail.com. The subject line should be “Atheist Advice.” Please put a name (not necessarily your real name) and the state or country you live in. I will not post real last names. Thank you in advance for helping me out with this new project.

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