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Atheist Billboards Needs Funding

As the Coordinator for PhillyCoR, I have had this great idea for a new billboard campaign for awhile. Despite my horrible photoshop skills, I created a mockup with a stock photo to show around and see what people thought. My initial plan was for it to be a modification of UnitedCoR’s standard billboard.

I showed my mockup to Fred Edwords the head of UnitedCoR. He is someone I greatly respect (although that is sort of an understatement considering I am probably his biggest fan). He liked the idea but thought that it might need some tweaking. Here is what that mockup looks like:

While I haven’t given up on that billboard campaign, the FFRF has also been putting up billboards all over the nation. As a member of the Freethought Society, a Philly affiliate of FFRF, I heard that they are planning to put up billboards in the Philly area.

I was told that the campaign would be their “Coming out of the closet” campaign and that the Freethought Society was looking for local atheists to put themselves on the billboards with their own message. So I came up with a message and did my poor photoshop mockup of the billboard and passed in on to the Freethought Society president in a bid to get it on an actual billboard.

My mockup was used in the group’s newsletter to help generate much needed funds for the project. However, shortly after the newsletter came out (like ten minutes) I discovered that FFRF has their own mockup generator so that any atheist can make a mockup with their own message and photo. Here is mine:

Now, here is the deal. My mockup might actually make it on a real billboard. But the Freethought Society needs donations earmarked for the Billboard Campaign. I don’t really know how much these things cost, but I have heard that they are usually around $5000. So I am asking the Dangerous Talker Army to donate a few dollars to the Freethought Society earmarked for this project. Even a few dollars will help. Lots of small donations can really do the job.

Why spend the money on this? Polls have shown that when atheists make ourselves more visible in a community, our approval rating goes up and atheists face less discrimination. This campaign in particular puts real local faces to atheism. It encourages people to come out of the closet and to become part of the greater community of reason.

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  • Lemurian

    What polls show atheist approval goes up when people obnoxiously plaster their faces along the highway? In fact any sane decent logical person would find the act of begging people to waste their money on a vanity project rather than on say helping victims of priestly sexual abuse or Islamic suppression of women extremely distasteful.

  • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

    First, I don’t the poll handy, but you can Google it.
    Second, so far, every atheist billboard that has gone up has generated at least three times the cost in donations for the group who put it up and has also generated donations to other atheist groups who had nothing to do with the billboard. That extra money can go to various causes.
    Third, as I have stated multiple times we don’t live in a free market of ideas. Money decides what ideas get heard and what ideas don’t. Religious groups outspend atheists by a ridiculous amount. Even so, our ideas are better and so we are still holding our own despite the money gap. But if we could narrow that money gap, our ideas will win! So, yeah we should beg a little if it means making the world a more rational place.

  • http://andrewtheatheist.reasonblogs.org Andrew

    My student group, the Fellowship of Non-Religious Students of Indiana State University, just had Mr. Edwords come speak for us at our Human Rights Day event. We really enjoyed having him. He was full of great ideas and really got my wheels turning!

  • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

    Fred Edwords really is awesome! If you haven’t seen him destroy O’Reilly on his own show, it is worth searching for on YouTube.

  • Lemurian

    There is no poll that links atheist billboards with greater approval or less discrimination. There is some anecdotal evidence that indicates some theists are offended by said billboards.

    Donations to atheist organizations may triple (although I won’t believe it until I see the data) but that isn’t necessarily a good thing since atheism as a jobs program is worse than pointless.

    If $5000 is a lot of money for you, you are probably not the right “Face” for the billboard anyway. A more attractive and successful atheist, preferably an African-American or woman would be a much better choice if you decide to take this route.

    Which of the following scenarios is more likely to encourage hearts and minds to accept atheists?

    1. “Look honey a stereotypical looking atheist blogger put up another distracting eyesore along the highway to say hell is a superstition”

    2. “Look honey the paper is reporting some local Philly atheists are sending $5000 to help fix a school damaged by the tornadoes in Alabama”

    There is only one rational answer to the above question and “both” is not an option if $5000 is a lot of money.

  • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

    I think someone has a case of the envy’s. I believe the poll/study showed that the more visible the atheist community was the less discrimination atheists faced or something to that affect. The billboard campaign (particularly this one) raises atheist visibility. Some theists are offended at our very existence, so are you suggesting that we all go and kill ourselves? The billboards aren’t targeting theists, they are targeting atheists so who cares what theists think?

    As far as donations tripling, that was what Dave Silverman of American Atheists said was the result of their billboard campaign and I am pretty sure that FFRF has reported similar success. I can tell you that the UnitedCoR doesn’t ask for donation, but they have have gotten large numbers of new members to the local atheist communities every time they have put up a billboard starting with the original PhillyCoR billboard.

    Then you babbled on about some “jobs program” and I have no idea what you are even talking about there.

    I wasn’t aware you could tell someone financial worth from a photo on a billboard. But even if that is the case, I don’t think plastering a rich person on the billboard would serve the point of the campaign. The idea is to have local atheists on the billboards that will appeal to various demographics. I actually agree with you that we should have different demographics and I think there are supposed to be 6 or 7 different billboards going up in the Philly area in this campaign. I am hoping to be one of those 6 or 7.

    While I am not the best looking person in the world, I am an average person who is at least of average (if not slightly above average) attractiveness. That is of course the point of the campaign. I have also suggested a few other people for the campaign. Among them are a very attractive woman, a African-American, and a Hispanic. But the main problem is getting people to give permission to have their face put on an atheist billboard which could risk their jobs and result in threats and harassment.

    I may not put the “atheist blogger” in there. I am open to some constructive thoughts on what I should put. I might just put “stay at home dad” or something like that. Again, $5000 for a billboard would certainly generate much more money which could be used for other projects.

    I do find it funny that no one complains about Christian billboards not using those funds to fix damaged schools. The fact is that we have to compete in the marketplace of ideas and to do that we need to actually advertise our ideas and get them out there.

    Do you have a slogan you would prefer or are you just a Debbie Downer?

  • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

    I should also add that you can change your name Tompkinson, but I still know it is you and you are still a drunk troll. You have been banned from this site a long time ago and I really should just delete your post right here and now. Last time you tried to disguise yourself as a woman to stalk me, you really just need to get a life.

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