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Obama’s Birther Mistake

Okay, so the big news yesterday is that Obama released his long-form birth certificate to shut “The Donald” up. Before I go into why this was a terrible idea on Obama’s part, let’s talk about the facts.

In 2000, the Bush campaign claimed that John McCain was not a naturally born United States citizen and as such is restricted from holding the office of President of the United States under the Constitution. You see, McCain was born on a US Military base overseas. Military bases are considered part of the United States no matter where in the world they are and so McCain was born in the US. The Bush campaign alleged that he was actually born off base and his birth certificate was faked. Guess what, McCain hired those same people who came up with the “McCain faked his birth certificate campaign” to be part of his campaign in 2008.

So right on the surface, we know this is bullshit. We know that this whole thing was imagined as a campaign tactic. Still, shortly after the rise of the current “birther movement” Obama released his official certificate of live birth from the state of Hawaii because he thought people would care. They didn’t. If Obama really wasn’t born in the US, Hilary Clinton would have been the first to jump on that. But the fact is that this whole thing is ridiculously absurd and anyone who continues to claim that Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii is retarded.

Now that we got that out of the way, it was politically stupid for Obama to release his long-form birth certificate. For starters, it doesn’t change anything. He had already released his official certificate of live birth and the birther movement didn’t even notice or care. These people are as stated above, retarded! The long-form isn’t going to change that nor is it going to convince them that he was really born in Hawaii. Michelle Bachmann was recently confronted with his official certificate of live birth during an interview and she said that she takes Obama at his word that he was born in the US. But that fact is that is just her way of saying that she is a birther. She doesn’t need to take him at his word she had just been presented with actual evidence.

Next, Obama should want the crazier Republicans to push this issue because it forces all the Republican 2012 candidates to play lip service to it in order to win the Primary. The crazier candidates would have a better chance of winning the Primary, but a far worse chance winning the general election. After the Primary, Obama could then bring out the long form and really destroy the Republican candidate with moderates and independents.

Bringing out the long-form changes nothing except that it forces the Republicans to find some new wacky allegation, that may not be as easy to refute. The devil you know and can defeat at any time is better than the devil you don’t know any day.

In any case, this is a great time for me to pimp out my old Examiner article demanding the birth certificate of Jesus. Check it out and pimp it out.

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