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The Atheist Jesus

Christians are always telling me about how crucifixion was the worst way for someone to be killed and that this somehow makes Jesus such a great guy/god for knowingly walking into such a painful death. This, many Christians claim is “The Passion” of Christianity. I just have to laugh.

I know that the alleged crucifixion Jesus was so horrible and everything, what with the whipping, the spear in the side, and the crown of thorns, but that really isn’t the worst way for someone to be killed. Not by a long shot. The Romans did some fucked up torture and everything, but let’s face facts. The real torture experts and innovators were the Christians.

Let me tell you about someone who was tortured and murdered much worse than the alleged crucifixion of Jesus. In 415 CE (1361 BAE), a Christian mob incited by Saint Cyril (then Bishop) pulled Hypatia of Alexandria from her chariot, dragged her across the city, stripped her naked, stripped her flesh from her bones, scattered her body parts through the streets, and burned some remaining parts of her body in the great library of Alexandria where she worked. Crown of thorns, lol.

Why did this Christian mob do this? Well, in 1500 years, Christian mobs haven’t exactly improved much. Hypatia was a scientist, mathematician, and philosopher. In fact, she was the Einstein and Ben Franklin of her day. For starters, Hypatia was an educated and independent woman. She taught men at the Library of Alexandria which goes directly against the teachings of the Bible (1 Timothy 2:11-12). She was a scholar and wore scholarly robes (the clothing of men). Hypatia taught ideas about the world which contradicted the divine truths of the Church. She also publicly and vocally rejected Christianity and the Christian God. She was a “New Atheist.” To top it all off, Hypatia may have been bi-sexual.

Hypatia of Alexandria stood for everything that the Church was against and she was vocal about it. As a result, a Christian mob tortured her in a way which makes crucifixion seem like a light spanking.

Now here are the facts, unlike Jesus, we know that Hypatia was a real person and that these events actually happened. Unlike Jesus, many of her contemporary students have quoted her and her works, we also have the writings of contemporary people who disagreed with her and who were critical of her work.

Here is the subjective opinions and speculations of historians. Many historians consider the death of Hypatia to be the beginning of the Dark Ages. She was an extremely brilliant person and the loss of her works and that of the Library probably set human scientific progress back 500 years or more. Just think about that for a moment. What would the world be like scientifically and technologically 500 years from now? We could have had that already if it wasn’t for Christianity.

Hypatia was a messiah of science. Her death damned the world to darkness. Today, religion hasn’t changed. Still there are even increasing numbers of the Christian mob who attempt to suppress science and scientific education. Whether it is evolution, stem cell research, climate change research, etc. religion is still the same mob just with the weapons of mass media.


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