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I Really Just Don’t Get It

A lot of discussions that I have with religious believers (usually Christians) all come back to the same really obvious and central problem that I have with religious belief. I really just don’t get it.

Let’s face facts here, religion tells some pretty fanciful stories. If any rational person (even religious person) heard these stories in a non-religious context they would not believe them to be true. In fact, they would laugh at how obviously ridiculous these stories are.

If religious people just forgot about their religion for a moment and changed he names of the characters and put it into modern times instead of ancient times, they would not believe these stories were true.

Imagine that I told you that I was at a friend’s wedding and my friend Bob turned water into wine. Really? No modern Christian would believe me. Did I mention that Bob is the son of God? Still don’t believe me? You don’t say. I just don’t get how anyone could believe this stuff.

The more I talk to Christians the more I am forced back to this extremely obvious fact that Christianity as a belief system is bat-shit insane. I really just don’t get it.

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