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Theists, Life Has No Meaning For You!

A lot of fundamentalist religious believers are fond of telling me that life has no means to me when they don’t even know anything about me except for my lack of belief in their deity of choice. Aside from the arrogance of such a claim, it is also completely false. Theists should be careful with this line of argument however, because this same claim can just as easily be leveled against them.

For starters, I want to dispel this myth that fundamental religious believers assert. I address the whole “purpose of life” question in my Atheism 101 section. But I don’t think we should have the burden to keep pointing this out to ignorant people. Instead, it might be more helpful to turn the question around on the fundamentalist religious believer.

Thiest, life must have no meaning for you. After all, religious believers believe that when they die, they will be resurrected and go to Heaven to spend all eternity. Why would this crappy finite life mean anything to them at all when they have been given (by grace) eternal paradise for the low, low price of faith based belief?

It seems to me that living for today must be foolish for anyone who is promised eternal paradise tomorrow. Life’s only purpose for the believer should be just to get to the next life without risk of eternal damnation. So they can’t kill themselves, but there certainly in no penalty for being careless. Why do they lock their doors at night? Wouldn’t it be great if a killer broke in and killed them? They would get the last laugh hanging out in eternal paradise. Why look both ways when they cross the street? The worst that could happen is that they get hit by a car and go to paradise. What is the point to living at all for the theist? Life has no meaning. ;-)

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  • MIchael Lee

    “Wouldn’t it be great if a killing broke in and killed them?” What? Check your grammar.