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Two Birds with One Stone

I really love this time of year; I get to easily destroy two of the three Abrahamic religions without trying all that hard at all. First is Passover. Yesterday, I published an Examiner article which talks about the fact that the Jewish Exodus never happened. This is the widely accepted view of pretty much every Biblical scholar with any semblance of credibility or a brain. It really isn’t a disputable issue. What this means of course is that the Jewish religion is a built on a lie… and that the Christian religion is also built on that same lie. So much for the biblical inerrancy fundamentalists like to claim.

Next comes Easter. I was reminded of my fondness for this holiday yesterday when my sister posted a photo on facebook of my son at an Easter Egg Hunt and one of her Catholic friends asked what the deal was with the Easter Bunny. Her friend knows hat my sister is fairly religiously Jewish and was implying that I shouldn’t have taken my son (who she presumed was also Jewish) to what she later claimed to be a Catholic holiday.

I however took her question of, “What’s the deal with the Easter Bunny?” literally and recounted for her the tale of the Goddess Ostara turning a bird into the Easter Bunny. My sister’s friend was not amused. The thing I love about Easter is that no part of it is actually in the Bible and that even the name of the holiday is that of a Pagan Goddess. I think I even asked my sister’s friend where in the Bible it talks about the Easter Bunny. If she pushes further, I will ask her where she thinks that name “Easter” comes from. But I think she is done.

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