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Religion As A Consistent System

One of the minor claims that ex-atheist Leah Libresco made was that Catholicism was a consistent system. This is a claim most religious believers hold but rarely mention. I am glad Leah mentioned it, because it gives me the opportunity to criticize that claim. “I’m a big Harry Potter nerd and I can see how […]

Facts About The Bible

Many Christians are surprisingly ignorant about some of the basic facts concerning the Bible. When I talk about these facts, I mean that these are things that really aren’t in dispute even among Christian Biblical “Scholars.” This isn’t coming from some atheist like me who is critical of the Bible, it comes from religious believers […]

Comparing The Bible To Other Fiction

Christians almost always get into a tizzy when atheists compare their holy book to other works of fiction. It doesn’t matter what aspect is being compared, it is the comparison itself that seems to generate the outrage. Usually when I compare the Bible to some other work of fiction, I am comparing a particular aspect […]

The End is Nigh!

Yea, that’s right the end of Harold Camping’s trek to doomsday is nigh… or near… or something. For me, this has been a long journey. When I was in college back in 1993, I started listening to Camping with my friend Greg. Greg was a believer and a follower of Camping. I interviewed him about […]

Thinking Seriously About Nonsense

So I was on the Huffington Post’s religion page over the weekend and saw a ton of articles that just seemed silly to me. Here are a few examples: Who Killed Jesus? An Examination of the Evidence Pontius Pilate v. Jesus: Was It a Fair Trial? Re-Enacting The Trial Of Jesus The Mysteries Of The […]

Two Birds with One Stone

I really love this time of year; I get to easily destroy two of the three Abrahamic religions without trying all that hard at all. First is Passover. Yesterday, I published an Examiner article which talks about the fact that the Jewish Exodus never happened. This is the widely accepted view of pretty much every […]

Harry Potter is Imaginary

I was debating with a Potter-Head yesterday and he kept insisting that the reason I don’t believe that Harry Potter is real is because I am a muggle. He told me that he is hoping that someone in the Ministry of Magic reveals the Truth to me about the wizarding world someday. I pointed out […]

Dear Christians, There Is No Jewish Messiah!

One of the most common claims that Christians make is that the Old Testament perfectly predicts the rise, fall, and re-rise of Jesus. Christians often ask how it is possible for a book (the Old Testament) to so perfectly predict Jesus unless God wrote it all as part of his divine plan. The answer is […]

Lessons From Babel

Awhile ago, I wrote about the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel. I really like that blog and I am feeling a little lazy today so I am re-posting it: “And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top [may reach] unto heaven; and let us make […]

Liberty University Goes Online

The other day, I got an e-mail from Liberty University. It was actually more of a spam mail. It seems that the Jerry Falwell School of Brainwashing has started an online degree program. I feel sorry for online colleges like Phoenix University that already struggles to be taken seriously and not they are put in […]

The Perfect Guidebook

Yesterday I had a twitter conversation with a Christian over something I talked about in one of my Examiner articles. The interesting thing is that it wasn’t even the main point of the article and there is already another article in the “Atheism 101” series which addresses the issue in more detail. In any case, […]

The End of the World is Almost Here

Over the weekend, I went to the geek convention known as Wizard World. When we were leaving the convention there were a lot of people handing out fliers for their comics, art, bands, websites, etc. There was also a woman handing out religious pamphlets. I of course took one, but didn’t have the time to […]

Rationalizing the Irrational

I often break religious believers down into two categories fundamentalists or mainstream. There is however at least one other category that is important to talk about. That is the theologian or scholarly believer. I was reminded of believers in this category after writing my latest Examiner article dealing with Dispensational Theology. In any case, when […]

You Just Don’t Understand the Bible

If I had a dime for every time a Christian told me that, “You Just Don’t Understand the Bible,” I would be a rich man. Maybe they are right and I really don’t understand the Bible. That is certainly a strong possibility. I have read the Bible cover-to-cover and I have spent some time reading […]

Authoritative vs. Information Based Books

There is an issue that generally comes up with creationists in particular. For some reason, some creations believe that if they attack Charles Darwin, they are attacking the scientific theory of evolution. What they don’t understand is that while Darwin wrote the book The Origin of Species, he isn’t the authoritative source of evolution. When […]

Biblical Scholarship

When theists talk about Biblical scholarship, I can’t help but laugh. I can study the books of the Harry Potter series for years and years, but that doesn’t make the belief that Hogwarts is a real place filled with magic any less fictional. It seems to me that the entire basis for the field (if […]

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